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Journal Entries for Each Month

Here are all the months that have journal entries for them. Don't forget, I started the journal in late February 2002 so I don't have a journal for January 2002 (wished I did). Also listed w/ the month are a few of my important events that occured that month.

January - (none)
February - Puppy Drawings contest between me & Lauren, Aru Leo is created.
March - Fire hydrant acted like Old Faithful, my throat goes bad, blobs are created.
April - Lost the US bracelets, the Rubic's Cube, scoliosis screening, SATs, sister's birthdays.
May - LA project, PokéTS is created, field trips, Jessica returns, shark dissection.
June - Last week of school, Jerell moves, writing letters, GoPA is turned into Poochie's Pad, meetings w/ Kevin, Stephanie, and James, Lauren's calls
July - Tennis lessons.