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May 2002

May 01, 2002

I am in a horrifying mood right now. >=( I'm REALLY stressed out not to mention my computer is a complete F*CKEN B*TCHY *SSHOLE!!!!!!! First of all, I cannot stand this stupid computer anymore and I think we outta get a new one. Top reasons: 1) It almost NEVER saves my documents and it takes me at least 20 times (seriously) to save just one document. 2) Several fonts are missing. 3) It signs me off the Internet every 5 minutes. 4) It loads TOO SLOW. 5) Nothing loads right. 6) Every time I restart the computer to fix an error, it isn't fixed. 7) My computer freezes when I try to save something. 8) A "Windows Registry Checker" keeps popping up when I start up the comp. 9) It's REALLY ANNOYING. 10) When I log into my Interet eMail or NeoPets or gURL or Ezboards, whatever, IT WON'T LOG ME ON. 11) AOL sucks. 12) The computer itself if REALLY OUT OF DATE. 13) The windows are f*cken flipping from one window to another every time I press a key. 14) It's INCREDIBLY LOW on drive space.

Really, I don't like my computer anymore and my dad WILL do something about it. He's getting another computer (just because I'm such a b*tch and complain too much) so there's a bit of "calm-down" medicine. But I don't think that'll happen soon and I'm in a DESPERATE need for a computer to do all the site stuff and type up reports and crap. /_\;;;; I'm in despair. God help me!!!

What was happy earlier today was that I finished the picture for Crystal but she wasn't here today I think. We're doing oral presentations on our model houses for Pre-Algebra and I know I'm doing that tomorrow, that's stressing. I also have to do a creative project thing for language arts. Other than all that crap I'm REALLY steamed about this crappy light-up box in my face. I have Tiggiroo and Chippy the cats sitting on my lap.

May 03, 2002

Oh boy, I'm stressed. I still have to complete the creative project for language arts class and I'm going on a field trip on Monday and we're leaving early and I might not have the time to turn in my report for science class. /_\;;; If my sisters can wake up a whole hell a lot earlier I might have the time to turn it in before school starts. I got word that the buses are leaving around 7:30. O.o;;; If my little sister Sarah wakes up late then I'll hurt her. >=P

Now... lessee... Ali had track practice afterschool today and then we went to her batting practice and now I'm home after eating tons of ice cream and a cup of 7-Up. ^_^ Yummy, huh? XP And that's pretty much all that's happened today... We're planning to go shopping for new shoes tomorrow (my 5-year-old shoes are busted badly).

May 04, 2002

I'm tired. -_- This morning I had to wash a big-bucket full of socks by hand and then let the washing machine thing do the rest. The whole process took about 3 hours since we were playing around with this funky-looking "giant jumping spider" which had a huge head, huge fangs (you could see the pointy parts), and when we poked a stick right in front of it it held up two of its front legs and "danced" around the stick, it was funny. XP

Then we had to fold clothes. /_\;;;; Then I got to go back to drawing my little "category pages" for my art binder. That was another 2 hours, and at the same time I was watching Princess Diaries and Lady and the Tramp 2 and the mini movie, Pikachu & Pichu. After that mom called for me to make dinner. Dad still isn't home from his little visit.

May 05, 2002

We went shopping today. ^_^ I got two new shirts from Ross (one's a blue, American turtle shirt and the other is an American eagle) and my sister got two turtle shirts (one's the same as mine and the other is a fire-rocket turtle against a black shirt. Then we went to the mall and I got a new pair of running shoes (Avia) and my sister also got a new pair of Nikes. ^_^ It took her FOREVER to decide what shoes she wanted. We got home tired and all and I had to prepare for that stinky field trip tomorrow, so it's back to preparing, ciao!

May 06, 2002

GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! ^.^` I'm tired. We went on the field trip today to UCSD and we toured the place and all that I really liked about the tour was the snake path. ^_^;;; I don't find much interest in things these days with my lazy attitude. I brought my Game Boy along with my five games (I left PokéBlue at home) and played it in the bus most of the time and I let people borrow it while on the bus. Of all the people on our 7th graders bus about 3 or 4 people brought a GB, three Color and one Advance.

Coming back from the trip wasn't too good I was stressed. >=( I had to make up all this damn classwork (for pre-algebra, it was VERY stressful just 'cause I hate math) and retrieve all my damn homework afterschool so I was zipping from class to class afterschool and then I might have to write a make-up work summary for PE class, darnit. >=( Should've just stayed in school.

I hate my pre-algebra homework, nothing's coming out right and I used all the right tactics (except for simplifying the variables and crap, I'm not sure if you're supposed to... nevermind I don't even know how to explain my problems). So anyway, I have to deal with twice as much work tomorrow so... boy isn't that fun?

May 08, 2002

Today's my sis' school track meet. It was at 1pm so we dropped off the twins first, then went to meet Ali at our rival school. The events were all running, so there weren't no shot-puts or anything like that. No jumps either. Um... okay Ali won 3rd at the 800s, 1st in the 4x100s, and 2nd in the 100s. We stayed and watched the rest of the events. Not to mention I saw a familiar face amongst the crowd of competitors.

Kevin, my old friend, was there because his friend Michael P. was part of the track team of our rivaling school (Kevin and Michael go to the same school and I'm sure they're really close friends). It took a while for me to recognize him though 'cause I kinda forgot what he looked like. Then I noticed he was the only runner in gray shorts. XP Stupid me. He was also supposed to be break-neck fast but it turned out he had a cramp. Oo;;;; Didn't think he'd have that (it's quite disappointing). He and Kevin love to run, but Kevin couldn't run because he was still resting from his trips to the hospital. =( Other than those two guys, there were nobody else I recognized in 7th grade.

After this we went to pick up dad at the train station and then we went home for 30 minutes and then left for Alison's softball game. She's tired now and dad's nagging me to get off the Internet so bye.

May 09, 2002

Nothing interesting happened today really. Um... suddenly at lunch I got bombarded with tons of requests for pics (actually... more like two requests). One was from Keilene (she wanted a group of monkeys, I've drawn I think three of those already) and the other was from Kristine (she wanted me to blow up the underside of a skateboard with Wet Willy and Flame Boy on it). Earlier than that I had a request from Kimiko for a dolpin with sunglasses. In 7th period I got ANOTHER request from Toy. She wanted another group of monkeys and I already drew it now I just need to darken its lines. Yeah, I've done all the pics except for Kristine's. Well, gotta go now. Ciao!

May 12, 2002

Went to another softball game today. T_T I'm getting tired. Anyway, when we got back I got started on something new... a new sub-site!!!! XP It's well... at and it's pretty darn ugly, but oh well. ^_^;;;; I'm going to add stuff to this site tomorrow explaining stuff about the new site.

May 15, 2002

This is so cool!! I was walking along to 6th period all bored and not willing to go to 6th period when all of a sudden I hear someone calling my name. I was kind of confused and whirled around and saw my old friend Jessica S.!! I thought she moved and everything but she's back. So, cool... she hasn't been in school for almost more than 3 months!! I'll be finding out more about what happened to her tomorrow because the 5-min passing period isn't enough. The bad news? Her schedule's been changed. XP

May 17, 2002

Nothing that interesting happened today. Robert's "flirting" with Odra, or at least, that's what it looks like, and we had a test 4th period in pre-algebra to get us ready for the algebra classes in 8th grade. Um.... 5th period we dissected all the insides of the crayfish, and it smelled (I didn't mind the smell, but Kimiko's scented spray was such a life-saver). 6th period I gave Chris H. his grinding, skateboarding monkey, attracting two more requests for monkeys from Kenneth and Jenna. XP I'm drawing full-time now I guess. Kenneth wants a b-ball-playing monkey and Jenna wants a surfing monkey. ... Sounds pretty easy. 7th period I chilled and added finishing touches to my most realistic-looking cat yet... it's a cougar sitting and it's better than most of the cats I've drawn so far. I noticed that Sam (who sat to my left) and Elaine (who sat in front of me) were "looking over my shoulder," so I tried to not take notice and concentrate on making the cougar's fur look like fur as much as possible, but Chris H.'s rediculous acts kept distracting me. ^_^;;;

Afterschool Alison gave us a hard time. We stayed an hour afterschool and then all of a sudden Ali tells us to pick her up at 4:30. We go home for 30 minutes and go back, to find that she was rescheduled to stay 'til 5. ><;; I thought something happened because I went to check if Ali was still there and the room they were supposed to be in was empty and I was like starting to freak out. I practically looked around the entire school. Then I find that Ali and her friends are out of the school already and that they were in Mr. Rothschild's room. XP

Then after that we went to Ali's practice and I drew stuff and more stuff and I started a comic. ^_^ It's pretty cute. We gave Crystal S. a ride home and I smacked Sarah and she started crying. T_T Wimp.

May 18, 2002

There was a softball game (actually, make that two) this morning and my dad couldn't go to see it because he was at work, and the games were pretty darn interesting. I got to film it and my filming sucked!!! Oh well, we got another digital video cam and I was messing with the stuff, so... that's my excuse. XP He won't be back until 6. When we got home I chowed down on Yoshinoya chicken bowl and then the rest of the day I was on the computer doing stuff.

May 19, 2002

Is tomorrow really Monday?! This weekend went fast! XP I don't want to go to school. /_\;;;; Anyway, I finally found out that I got the notification to attend the Cougar Medallion Awards at school. O.O I wonder what I got.... but who cares it's just a piece of paper or a cheap flat round thing or plastic trophy anyway.

I was switching from video games to computer today. I played Hey You, Pikachu! and then went on the computer and then Mario Tennis and back on the computer and then Mario Party and then Zelda and I showered... and I'm back on. I have to get all my stuff ready for tomorrow, Monday. >=( Oh, and I found some stuff I hoarded on my computer too... this was from way back in 1999:

Awww... that's just cute, isn't it?

Aww... isn't it cute? ^_^ It looks like my little Pikachu plushie, Pickles!!

May 20, 2002

Nothing really that interesting happened today I think. I know that during 1st period in PE class I hurt my right leg while running just one meekly lap. XP Hey, I haven't run in a while! 2nd period ceramics class I worked on making beads for my two necklaces. We had a sub 4th period math which meant I wouldn't be doing any GATE classes afterschool today. 5th period science one of our counselors came in and talked to us about college and crap like that. 6th period I let Chris M. and Jenna J. look through my binder of drawings. For some strange reason, Felisha wasn't there, thank goodness. 7th period language arts we went to the library to mark off any books we haven't returned. On our way back to class Sam V. and Jonathon S. decided to poke me and Bianca, the teacher's pet. T_T And Sam pulled our hair too...

Afterschool, since we don't have any GATE classes, I decided to hang out in my sister's GATE class and do my homework there instead of wandering around campus like a bum. Oo;; After a restless hour of listening to the GATE French class speak the French language I finally ran out the school doors to find that my friends Krissa and Christine waiting outside. Their doc's appointment was cancelled because the doc was sick. XP Strange. A doctor that's sick? Oo;;;;;

At home I was playing video games (Hey You, Pikachu! is such a good game...) and drawing a GameCube for Chris M. After I took a shower I went on the computer to find Ali's friend Penguin (her real name's Therese) on and Ali went yapping to Penguin about her cookie obsession. XP That's pretty much it so far... I'm just waiting for the Lakers game to end to find out the results. I can't see why Krissa hates basketball so much... as much as I can't play basketball too well, I still like it.

May 21, 2002

Heheheheheh. I woke up 40 minutes later than usual this morning. I normally wake up at 5:30 but I woke up at 6:10 so I didn't really have a whole lot of time to go on the Internet.

2nd period we were assigned a final project called a Ceramics Basics Handbook. I already finished that earlier, but anyway, it's basically a hand book. We're supposed to explain the basics of clay and scoring and what's slip, glaze, firing, all that other fun stuff. It's supposed to be five pages (front & back) long. Meaning, the front side is one and the back side is page two. So... that just makes my whole life a lot easier. ^_^

We had a sub 4th period during math. I finished the crap we were assigned and Robert decided to change seats and asked if I could draw DBZ or Yu-Gi-Oh!. I can't draw my animé right anymore (not like I ever did draw them right). Then he asked to see the binder of all my drawings, which I actually brought today. ^^;;; I normally don't bring that as much as I used to because of my extra damn pair of PE shoes stinking up my back pack. XP

Highlight of the day! 5th period science we started dissecting the shark. It's a dogfish shark and it's about a foot and a half long I'm guessing (can't you tell I forgot how long it was?). It was a female and its tail is broken and it had an egg sac hanging out of its thing. Oo;;; Um... we were supposed to take off some of its skin and examine its scales. However, only one pair of gloves were given to us (we're a group of four) and Hector and Kimiko each had one glove on and were trying to cut the skin. The broken tail kept moving and Kimiko was afraid of the tail touching her arm and Hector didn't want to move the tail with his ungloved hand and Diego was just standing there. There was no choice but for me to move the tail with my bare hands. T_T Very pathetic group isn't it? As soon as I moved the tail Kimiko started screaming and it was so funny. lol The entire group including Diego were all like "UGH" and "EWW". lol And then Hector dared me to touch the sac with my bare hands and I actually did and it made their matters worse. lol Um... and after that just to get a little fun out of Kimiko I smeared my fingers on her shoulder and she was screaming and slapping people. lol We had a finger food for lunch today; Dominoes pepporoni pizza!! =9 Yummy! So... I washed my hands several times. Yep. ^_^ That was fun.

At the end of 7th period Sam, Jonathon, Bianca, and I were pushing eachother out of the way as we made for the door and we continued to push eachother even as we were outside. T_T That wasn't too exciting but I did poke Sam with a really special pointy pencil of mine...

March 25, 2002

Ah I've been really busy with stuff for the past few days and it's finally Memorial Day weekend!! ^_^ That means we have Monday off. ^.^ Cool. Okay, today I woke up late; I woke up at 6:30. XP That's not late, I know. But we were supposed to be at a park by 7:00 and we got there a hell a lot later. ><;;; It was cold when we got there so I stayed cozy and warm for the first of the three games in the van. XP I was out for the second game and I was amused by little Andrea and my Game Boy game Pokémon Silver. Andrea was soooo cute, with her curiosity and cuteness... and then John, Amber's brother I think, was chasing Andrea and her sisters Alex and the other sister I forgot her name again. Um... it was too cute I was about to laugh but I kept my mouth shut. ^_^ And then when the game ended I threw the little spikey seed pods (they were green and brown) at Alison and Sarah.

After that we went to Carls Jr. and I got two spicy chicken sandwichs. =9 Ali was dying for ice cream and so we went to find a Costco and we spent an hour or so there and we got a TV there. It was about $200. Oo;;;; After a while of being on the freeway again we arrived back at the park and spent an hour there goofing off and playing around. For the first few minutes I was in the van again playing my Game Boy as usual. Then I went outside and bugged Sarah and got bored again. I saw her carry a short stick and a long stick and to my left near a bench was a really long strip of barely-dried grass. Sarah was waving the sticks like swords and I snatched them from her... why?

Okay, I made a cross out of her sticks and the grass. I tied the sticks together so that the grass made an "X" at the point where they intercepted. The little kids at the playground I was making the crosses at were watching but it wasn't like I cared, the whole thing was pretty easy anyway. Later I found more grass and sticks and made more crosses, which Sarah thought were swords and became swords when used that way and I stuck the crosses in the really soft white sand in the playground. The crosses were in a row:

+ + +

So that it looked like a burial ground/graveyard of three graves. XP What can you expect?! I was BORED!! John came along again and asked if the whole thing was a graveyard and I said, "Yep." and I pointed to Sarah and in a lower tone said, "She rose from her grave." I think it was Alex's younger sister and Andrea looking at the "graves" with Sarah sitting in front of the crosses and I was like, "ZOMBIE!!!" and Sarah got mad. lol It was funny. At the playground after that I grabbed that sand and on dark rubbery ground I spilled out the message in sand:

Heat Wave
was here!

and people were all looking at it when they passed by and our team, Heat Wave passed by it and they were all cheering or something. XP They suspected the little kids did that 'cause they were decorating the message with more sand (I taught them how to do the "sand art" visually). I got bored from that and the 3rd and final game of the day started at 6. Oo;;

Sarah and I brandished our "swords," which were the sticks and grass tied together, and we swiped at eachother's sticks and later I opened a 7-Up in a can and it exploded 'cause I dropped it. ><;;; After that we messed with a bunch of aphids that clung to a nearby tree. One got in Sarah's hair. After that we fought again and I whacked the stick out of Sarah's hands twice. ^_^ It was tight.

We got home around 9:30 and Ali would have probably fell flat on her face as soon as she stepped out of the van. lol Why? She stressed about the next 3 games tomorrow, ciao! Oh wait, I forgot that I have created another one of my official Pokémon Teams that I named, "Enemy Itself," meaning that one of the Pokémon's types had an advantage over the other type of that same Pokémon, such as ANGLER, my Lanturn, which is both electric and water type. I'm adding this stuff to PokéTS as soon as Memorial Day.

May 26, 2002

Ali had three more softball games today at the same place. The first game was at 9:00 so we were there at 8:30 I believe. While we were driving there my dad was so considerate to bring a portable TV and one of our three Nintendo64 systems (two are black and the other's a Pikachu edition). Ali, Sarah, and I were playing Mario Party the whole way to the game. ^_^ I won as Peach. XP That reminds me of old times in 5th grade when my friends and I made fun of eachother by calling eachother names from the Mario gang. I was Peach, Christine was Bowser, Nadia was Toad (lol), Kevin H. was Luigi, and Kevin M. was Mario. XP It was pretty funny.

Here are the standings for the three games: the 1st game we lost. We played a second game and if we lost we go home, and if we won we played a third game. We won the second. ^_^ But then if we won the 3rd game we would play a 4th game, and guess what? WE LOSS!!! XP Our team was really down after that; almost nobody spoke.

Now I have to do a few things to PokéTS, I have a new official team to add to my lists!

May 28, 2002

Back from Memorial Day. /_\;;; I'm sooo tired. Anyway, um.... I found out that the doors to the media center are going to be locked from now and the schedule I'm working with nowadays... SUCKS!! We have to walk to our classes twice as much as we normally did. And why? Someone planted a stink bomb in the media center hallway and I heard it smells like gas. XP People, keep those smelly gadgets at home!! Sheesh!!!!

Um... Okay at PE the old lady (excuse me, did I type that?! oO;;) asked if I wanted to be a TA or OA and to get the application from the counselor. After that I had to run a sprint (the 200...) and I got third place in my heat of five girls. Oo;; I'm the middle one. XP After that we rubbed the bottom of our shoes as clean as we can get it because we ran on the track and it had MUD on it. ><;; Isabelle had the worst luck - the entire front of her left shoe was COVERED in mud and she would have to walk around school with that mess on her shoe. Oo;; I feel sorry for her.

Science, we had to dissect the shark again. /_\;; That thing's getting nastier by the day. Fortunately, Diego wasn't here to be lazy. After that I got pizza for lunch and I have to owe the lady $1.50 'cause I only had a quarter. ^^;; I'm a poor little lady. XP Our s.s. teacher went berzerk and I decided to have a little fun during the punishment assignment by drawing on it instead of writing on it. ^_^ It was fun. Ha!

I took the quiz I missed for pre-algebra afterschool and my mom went whack and yelled at me and my sissy Ali on our way home. It was so annoying I decided to wash my shoes as soon as I got home. T_T The water was reddish brown when I finished. =|

May 31, 2002

Ahh... the relieving thoughts of one last week of school!! =D We did relays today, the boys relay and the co-ed relay. I was put in the boys relay for our team because we had three boys and there were supposed to be four, and I ended up being the 4th "boy". >=( And then I had to run the co-ed relay and my legs were hurting. I was put as the 4th runner in the relay and I beat Isabelle. ^_^ But my team's runners came in a little slow so... I couldn't be in the top 5 winners that time. <=(

Anyway, we're coming back to the BizWorld business again in pre-algebra. Finally there's use for those useless American braided bracelets that I made last month. T_T 6th period in social studies I finished drawing my surfing chick (the chicken chick, not the girl chick) and it looks really cute on the front of my binder. XP I have my orange kitty blob on the backside. ^_^ 7th period we watched a video based on Edgar Allen Poe's writings and I forgot what the title was but it had Pendulum in it. ^^;;; Now I gotta go, I didn't have much time to type anyway. ><;;