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March 2002

March 01, 2002

March.... yay.... *clears throat* I have to continue memorizing my poem, it's soooo.... long... anyway, it's due this upcoming Monday so... here's a go:

Mauna Loa by Tom Robert Shields

While Pacific Ocean's
White surf gleams
Rolling seas glide
Shifting dreams.

Sudden thunders-
A tumbled tune
Breaking lazy-beauty
Of a calm-quiet noon.

Birds of paradise scatter
As all birds do

Mauna Loa gulps-






Like the poem? ^_^ I actually got around to memorizing it. =P And yes, it's supposed to look that way.

Anyway, Alex decided to skip school two days in a row. ><;;;;;;;;;; Why didn't he tell me?! Not even Ryan, who I think is his cousin, knew what happened... I can't hold Alex's picture for all that long 'cause Felisha's gonna go through my folder and trash the pic... XP By the way, Felisha trashed my reject pic of her... her reaction was sooooo funny!!!!!! But she kicked my shin... and it still hurts.

Next week on Tuesday I have a sports report due with my other group members, Kristine, Felisha, Isabelle, Brittany, Ashley, and Virginia. I hope they bring their copies of the report so they can present. =) For now though, I gotta tend to my shin, it so fricken hurts right now it feels like more than a bruise...

March 03, 2002

I just got back from my sister's softball games. Unfortunately, our team lost all the games (unlike last week, in which we won all three games). We stayed at the fields to watch the championships, which lasted about another hour, and then we came home. We got back from the game last night at around 7:20pm and we were all tired and frustrated. It was cold and windy yesterday and what's worse: our van broke down so it's at the dealer's. We hitched a ride with our old neighbor, Crystal.

Today wasn't that bad though. We borrowed a van pool to get back to the fields this morning. God, I had to wake up at 5:30... ON THE WEEKENDS. ><;; I slept on our way back home.

So, we weren't home all day yesterday, and we're home for the rest of the day today... which means... I get a hair cut today!! =P I might have it cut at shoulder-width, I'm not sure yet. But I'm cutting it because the split ends are getting REALLY annoying and I know they'll grow back either way, but I need them out of my face because they're getting all fuzzy and just me looking at them makes me pretty much frustrated because of all the split ends and the white things around some of them.... plus I need to get rid of the visible brown on my hair. XP I outta draw myself with different hair styles.

March 04, 2002

I just got back from school pretty much moody and disgusted. >=(

This morning started out fine. Alex is finally here so I don't have to hold his cute pic long enough for Felisha to trash it, and we ran the mile today instead of doing the scoliosis screening for PE class.... grrrrr...... We might do the screening next Monday because the rest of this week we're doing presentations and introducing street sports. My group, which consists of Kristine, Isabelle, Ashley D., Virginia, Felisha, and Brittany R., is doing a report on handball. Unfortunately, one of my good friends, Jessica S., I heard, moved so we might or might not see her at school again... <=(

Ceramics class sucked. My second sculpture of Aru Leo broke before it was bisque-fired. >=( I gave up on doing Aru Leo because his wings are a pain. So... I did an itty bitty sculpture of my first owl character, Cuhootya!! ^_^ It looks weird, though. ^^;;;;; Anyway, I heard that my abstract sculpture of my little buddy, Dino, selfdestructed in the kiln so I'm making another one, this time's it's smaller. =P It probably won't be as good as the first, but I just want to get it done so I'm going for it. =)

Lunch was the worst of all the worse that's gone on today. We're all eating lunch at our "home table" and Delica's friend, Kathy, sits down at the table and starts criticizing my friends, the twins Krissa and Christine, and says that Krissa looks like a boy and her sister looks like a girl. This made Krissa really mad and the rest of the people at the table, including me. Krissa started crying and left the table first. I followed her, leaving the table and heading in a different direction. The whole next thing was so annoying that not even I wanna talk about it... errr... type about it.

Anyway, what's not as worse as the "look like a boy" thing was that I didn't get to do my poetry presentation today during 7th period. >=( I wanna get that stupid thing over with, damn!!! *dunks head in sink-full of water* Ahh... I feel better now... ^_^

March 05, 2002

I'm so tired from yesterday. ^_^ I was online from 3 to five o' clock chatting with my friend Ashley L. through AIM. Yesterday I also introduced her to =) This morning before 1st period she showed me a print-out of her NeoPet, neddles16 the Yellow Mynci. It was nice to actually talk to someone through the AIM, which I rarely use.

Yesterday my dad came home from work with a ton of old N64 video game cartidges. I wasn't fond of any of them except that he brought home a South Park game (with that excessive cussing, woohoo!!) and the special edition gold Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Last night I was playing Ocarina of Time on one N64 while my sister Alison was playing South Park on the other. Those two games I enjoy the most. I also think we have Goldeneye 007 or something like that.

Early this morning around 6:30 I found out that my SNES was repaired and we could play it again!! Swell!! Now I won't have to miss out on TLK and Donkey Kong Country!! Thanks to my dad for super-gluing the broken piece back together. XP

This morning my sister shut the door on me again when we got to school. Robert saw us and laughed at me. Oo;;;; Nothing else interesting happened, although I finally got to present the poems I memorized during 7th period. =) Yay!! Thassit, though. Nothing else interesting happened that I could remember.

March 06, 2002

Ahhh... me so happy to be home!! This morning during 1st period we were playing silent ball and it was so funny I can't describe it. lol Anyway, I was the last girl standing in the game, so... the last guys standing ganged up on me. XP I got fifth place. =( But the game as a whole was comedy. =)

3rd period: SSR (Silent Sustained Reading). My friend Alex told me that his friend José wanted a doll picture of himself and I did that during 5th period and colored it by 6th period. Today was a minimum day, which means the time for each class was cut back by about 20 min. =) We got out of school early. If I'm lucky tomorrow I can give José the picture by morning. If Felisha comes... well, the picture will get jacked.

My sister had softball practice from 4 to 5pm today at an elementary school... I wasted my time there by pushing my little sister on the swings. -_-;;;;;;; It was raining by the time it was 4:50 I think. Actually, it wasn't even raining hard, just a light shower. You know, it's nice to see some rain out here but the smell is... horrible.

I just got out of the shower from smelling so bad and now I'm typing away in my online journal... I'm also online playing NeoPets... I heard they stopped giving away dubloons for a while, which really stinks... STUPID CHEATERS!!!!!!!!!!!! >=( Now how am I going to train my pets if the dubloons keep getting more expensive by the day?!

March 07, 2002

lol Ahhh... today was cool.... ^_^ I liked today.

Anyway, it was raining today, stopping and going and stopping and going in a pattern. I was glad I didn't wear my Rawlings shoes because they are jacked up and have holes in the bottom, and there were puddles of water at school that would go into that hole in my shoe and wet my socks. XP I'm glad I wore my newer Report shoes. =) Before 3rd period Alex asked for another pic again, this time of Ryan as a doll. He mumbled why he wanted another pic so I couldn't here it nor did I want to ask again. I have another mission: draw Ryan as a doll!!! ^^;;; I thought these guy-doll pics were getting harder and harder due to the fact I can't draw boys. I'm guessing that tomorrow Alex will ask of a pic of Jack... I'm running out of colored pencils. I outta start charging people by now. >=D

I started working on the picture of Ryan during 4th period, as I was reading some of the strategy guide for Ocarina of Time during 3rd period. I drew him in the same pose as I drew Crystal's doll pic. I messed up on Ryan's doll pic pretty bad, but I thought it was still cute. =) I finished it by the end of lunch period. Because it was raining, we got the choice to either eat outside or in the MPR and I chose the MPR because even a little drizzle can ruin a pic. On my way to 6th period I tried to wait for that turtle, Lauren, who is so tall yet walks too slow. Alex and his group were about to walk right past me when José yelled, "It's Mary Anne!!", pointing to me. Gawd, I'm finding that sooo annoying... it literally hurts my ears. Just as he finished saying that and just as I gave my "Huh?" face Felisha jumped in and I yelped. I dashed and she followed and I slapped her with my binder. lol Her reaction was again, soooo funny. She tried to thrash me. Felisha's a turtle, too, so I ran ahead and stopped in the media center near the doors that part into the 300 and 400 wing. I waited about 15 seconds for her to get her butt up there. =)

As I walked in to my History class I waited a little and Felisha yelled some stupid comments about me and I shot back some rude comments to Felisha, who sat across the room. >=P When Alex finally walked in I dug out the finished picture of Ryan and handed it to him. His way of saying thanks? "Sweet!" ^_^

It continued to rain. It distracted everyone from taking notes, since it hardly rains out here anyway. I was relieved to be able to leave 6th period, it was getting hot and stuffy in there. ^.^ Outside was nice, cool, and rainy. The grass was all gross and everything with all this mud everywhere, the grass is all soggy and mushy... yuck.

During our 5-minute passing period to 7th period, Jonathon strolled with me to the class next door telling me that there was a class in Mrs. Shelton's room that was clapping loud. I didn't think there was a class in there because that's Mrs. Shelton's prep period... I think I should let him know that sometimes I feel like I'm half-deaf. But really, despite the fact that we were in the same class and that we were right next door to Mrs. Shelton's room, I did not hear any clapping.

7th period: fascinating. NOT!! We had to do a bunch of bookwork and tons of crap like that and we had to read a play with enthusiasm, and I was supposed to be the Narrator. I can't read.. whenever I do I always stumble and mess up. I'm not used to reading and when I do the insides of my mouth feel all sticky and dry, dunno why. I was like, "Finally!!" when the play was done and the time near 2:20. I stared at the clock, ready to jump up out of my desk and run. Actually, when the clock rang 2:20, I was chatting with my friend Bianca, and Samuel and Jonathon. Bianca and I were all like "Do we have to do the homework?" to the teacher all innocently and she let us off. ^_^ Mrs. Shelton's so nice!! We stuck our tongues out at Samuel and Jonathon, whose facial expressions told us, "No fair!!" and we ran out the door.

On our way home my dad spotted what appeared to be a "water fountain" in the distance. We were at two streets that intersected and went into a freeway when my dad saw it. We got closer (when the stoplight finally lit green) and an ambulence rushed in front of us. As we got closer to the ambulence we saw another accident; a blue car had collided with a black car. ><;;; ouch.. you could see the head lights on the streets and glass and metal and everything, it was a wreck. Finally, nearing home, we saw the "water fountain," which was actually a busted fire hydrant. Actually, the fire hydrant wasn't there, but its water was spouting high into the air. I can't exactly point how high it went, but I know that the water went high enough to rock the power lines right above it. =O That's scary. My dad was all like, "Watch your hair, if those power lines come crashing down we'll be in for a shock." What's more... the hydrant was near a shopping center and a Jack-In-A-Box restaurant. o.O;;; Extra crispy curly fries. *drools* :P The hydrant was obviously right next to the street, so as we passed it by some water went into the car (its windows were open, no thanks to my dad's idiotic ideas, we should've followed my sister's common sense). We neared another stop light and a two ambulences and about three police cars came by to investigate I guess. My sisters and I have been talking about it all day since we got home. We were worrying the power would go out because after all, the water pressure is pretty high had it been able to rock around the power lines. Hope it'll be all right.. there's been so much excitement going on in one day.

March 08, 2002

Too bad it's a Friday. =( That means next week our PE class will have to start dressing out and doing our weekly mile again. This entire week (except for Monday) we didn't dress out and we got to play a bunch of indoor games and teaching the class how to play some street games. It was fun enough despite the fact that we were also watching Elmo's World and Arthur. ^^;;;;;;;

Nothing interesting happened today. I'm kinda worried about Ceramics class because I haven't finished all the assignments this quarter and it ends by next week. Oo;;; What brightened the day though was that during Pre-Algebra we were studying how business and the stock market worked, and we ran our own "business" by making friendship bracelets. I was my "company's" designer and I designed six different bracelets and color schemes. My entire group voted the USA braided bracelet to be the best one I could make, so I started making a sample during class. I finished it by 5th period, and its look is really nice. ^_^ It's hard though because it's hard to braid three strings when no one's helping you by pulling one end. I'll have to wait 'til next Friday to deliver the finished bracelet. =P I'll have to teach my group how I made it so they can help in making even more. ^_^ This friendship bracelet idea is not bad...

I wanted to draw something and Alex came up to me 6th period and asked if I could make him a picture of his friend, Stephanie R. and I agreed. I thought I would take longer to draw it but I had tons of free time 7th period and gave him the finished product after school and after that I waited about another 3 min. because of my sluggish sister. On that same day though, as we were about to leave, Alex asked for ANOTHER doll pic. This time it was of Crystal R., Stephanie's twin sister. I should have that done by Monday.

March 11, 2002

I don't feel so good... /_\;;;;; My throat's been sore since yesterday morning and it's hard for me to breathe and swallow and crap like that... <=( Not even my ice cream tastes as good as it should...

Anyway, nothing really exciting happened today. We were supposed to be doing scoliosis screening during PE class today but they didn't get to me, thank goodness. ^_^ Lessee... we had a science test that I think I got a B on... and our social studies teacher's gone berserk, giving us a five paragraph essay which is due Thursday. I already finished that and now my hands still hurt. Um... that's pretty much... oh wait!!!

7th period today was pretty funny. Before class started I was goofing off with my friend Bianca C. I accidently poked her on the nose and it kinda started bleeding. ^^;;; She had to head for the nurse. Everyone thought it was a catfight that they had missed but it was just a poke... and Bianca was accusing me and saying I socked her... no I POKED her!! Ugh, I feel so bad not because of that but because of my stupid sore throat...

March 12, 2002

I feela little better now, but though my sore throat is gone I think I got a fever of some sort. I've been coughing and sneezing a lot recently, for all I remember. What makes the day worse was that @ 6th period we had that cock-eyed substitute Mr. Babs. Our class got into so much trouble... Anyway, I brought home my sculpture of Cuhootya, which looks... anything but cute. I also brought home my ceramic keychains featuring EV, Spoot, and tw other ones I forgot.

March 13, 2002

Much better today, but I still have a stuffy nose, and I'm still sneezing and coughing every now and then. <=) Ugh, I hate sniffling practically every 5 seconds, it's really getting on my last nerves... =( Anyway, because of these annoying things I only ran half of our little figure 8 thing at school this morning, and I got away with it, since there are over 300 students in the PE area and only 6 coaches. ^^;;; What kinda left me pondering most of the time after school was that while I waited at the door of my 3rd period SSR class for the previous class to finally be dismissed, I was able to peer through the clear fiber-glass door without getting at all close to it and see something unusual; David D., one of my old classmates from PE class last year, was red-eyed and he didn't look as happy as he normally did. I left those thoughts until after school. During 5th period I had all my science work done ahead of time, so I had thirty minutes of free time. =P While I let the 30-minute flow of time run, I drew and colored my own "blob" thing which looks like a tabby cat ko-ani. I made Felisha make a blob during 6th period, and hers looks like a blue cat with a lollipop wand. I hated 6th period because we had to write all period as a punishment for yesterday. I realized now that my classmates in 7th period language arts class are now fearing me just because I poked my friend in the nose. Jimmy says I elbowed her. False. Kenjon says I caused her a bloody nose. True. Chris said Bianca and I were in a catfight. False. Okay, this might start leading to rumors that say I got in a fight when all I did was poke my friend in the nose... I didn't know it would bleed that easily...

After school was pretty chatty, as Krissa, Christine, and I were talking about favorite TV shows and movies, what teen DVDs we had, music, Backstreet Boys, AJ having been engaged, etc. Even while we were talking, Ashley L. yelled hi to us from two streets east. ><;;; Anyway, I finally got the answer to why David looked upset this morning. It was this: during his science class David's teacher was trying to teach the class about body parts and inner organs and stuff and I heard that he started crying at the sounds of those words that were being taught. Fortunately, nobody laughed at him... David left the classroom and went into the hall so that he couldn't hear them. Krissa and Christine, who are his classmates in science class (and my friends) said that he had some kinda thing (I know it ends with "phobia") in which whenever he heard anything about body parts and stuff he would start crying... I kinda feel sorry for him. I've never really heard anything about him like that before; most of the time I've seen him he's usually happy.

Also, we had to pick up my dad at the train station afterschool. After picking him up we went to go fetch our broken-down piece of scrap metal that looks like a red Ford van. It looks like it's running fine, now. Yay!! It's about time. Now we won't have to squish and squeeze in my cousin's car. =P I'm just hoping that the dang piece of metal doesn't break down on us for another few years, or at least in the next few 6-9 months.

March 14, 2002

I'm feeling much much better now... but I'm still sick. This morning we had to run two laps and I was surprised I didn't struggle. =P I was the first girl to finish the two laps. After that we practiced playing lacrosse, which to me looks easy but is really hard. ><;;; I also got to take home my ceramic penguin and my itty bitty Dino abstract sculpture. ^_^ They aren't that bad.

What really messed me up was that my Pre-Algebra teacher decided to dump a ton of homework on all of her students. >=( It has stuff to do with budgets and getting a house and car and a career... I'm too young!! For this assignment I chose to be an illustrator for anthology books. This is going to be hard... oy... Stressing... What makes the day worse is that my science teacher acted like he was having a bad day and so was my social studies teacher. Even my language arts teacher decided to dump a 5-paragraph essay on an author. The good thing is that that essay isn't due until after the SAT 9 test (which, to me, is coming up incredibly fast).

Anyway, afterschool when we got home we happened to find that our long-time friend Kevin had stopped by. He's lucky because he doesn't have to go to school since he got back from the hospital. >=( Anyway, gotta get to my stinkin' homework, now!!

March 16, 2002

I got up late this morning, and I thought I had to type because this is probably the only time I'll be on today. <=) Yesterday some four blobs were submitted to me and I drew a rendition for each new blob, but I never got around to computerizing them, so I decided to do that this morning. ^_^ The blobs are really cute in my opinion, especially the blob submitted by my friend Kristine, who made her blob look like a skater, it's funny!! I also got a purple bowed bear from Virginia. Lauren made two blobs; a pink angel and a striped cat blob. They're both cute.

To make up for this morning I had to help out with the lawn in our front yard. I usually like when the grass isn't cut short but I like it wavy and long. =P It attracts more bugs, but it to me doesn't itch as much as short grass. I had to sweep all this grass off the sidewalk and the driveway and the walkways, it was so annoying. Fortunately, it wasn't that sunny today so I wasn't sweating and stressing out. ^_^

Around 12 pm I snacked on a donut while I watched my sister Alison play Ocarina of Time. We were stuck in the Water Temple where all those vortexes were and we decided to give up and save that part for later. We used Farore's Wind so we wouldn't have to go through the waterfall and all that stuff. =P Gotta go now!!

March 17, 2002

Ugh, I hate coming home around 5pm. >=( Since this morning we were at my sister's softball tournament, which was three games long. Our team won the first two but lost the last game. Actually, I heard that we won the second and lost the third because I was in our van snoozing because of the lack of sleep I got last night.

While I snoozed I dreamed we were heading onto the school campus when all of a sudden I saw a familiar girl walking about cluelessly outside the school grounds. When she turned around I saw her face... it was my old buddy Luciana!! ^_^ She left the area when we were in 4th grade and I was kinda shocked to see that she had returned. Don't forget, this is just a dream. I caught up to her and started talking to her and she started remembering me and all my other friends from elementary school. We strolled onto the school grounds and I introduced her to all my new friends and her old friends from elementary school. All our old friends were just as shocked as I was when they saw her. On her schedule I had three classes with her; Pre-Algebra, Science, and Social Studies. It was kinda neat. Some of my new friends that usually don't hang with me were curious of Lucy. Just as the bell rang for 1st period to start, I heard the van door bang open.

The games were over and we were heading out for home. The weather from this morning was nice and warm, but when the door was opened a burst of wind blasted into the van and I grabbed my Pikachu blanket and hid under it. XP It was cold!! There were gray clouds hovering in the sky and it started raining on the freeway. Even a brush fire went on near a lake we passed by, what a day. I was glad we got home pretty early. =) For the rest of the day I tended to all my homework and PE clothes and such. I'm going to hate tomorrow because we'll have to run the state mile in PE class and I have all this other crap going on, it'll be a pain.

March 18, 2002

I just noticed that I'm over my sneezing and sniffing and all!! ^_^ I didn't even take medicine! Wow, the human body's white cells really are strong... okay maybe I'm wrong, but oh well. Okay, today I didn't have any submissions for blobs nor do I think I would accept any because I am really busy with pre-algebra homework. Today we ran the state mile, which was like a test for us. If we stayed within 30 seconds of our best mile time we passed and if we didn't we failed. For example, my old fastest time was 10 min. 34 seconds so I was not supposed to be in by over 11 min. and 4 seconds. Guess what?! I actually passed!! Last week my time was 12 min. and 30 sec. (I failed that week) and I jumped from that time to 10 min. 30 sec. this week!! Wow!! ^_^;;;;; I beat my fastest time and I passed the test!! Weehee!! The reward for passing and beating my fastest time was that from now on I wouldn't be timed whenever we ran another mile again!! So now I could walk all I want!!

Normally, if I walked I got a good time, but this time I didn't walk. Instead I kept a steady but unusually fast pace. I guess that's what helped me... and it was windy too so I was surprised to have gotten in in the 10 mins. Because it was a test I tried not to walk and usually tried to catch up with anyone who was in front of me, like Britney and Amber (normally slow on the short-distance). The order of girls came as follows:

(1) Dimeatrice (2) Britney (3) Amber (4) Mary Anne (that's me!!) (5) Kristine ... I only took track of the top 5 because I was huffing and coughing. I'm glad I beat my time.... by four seconds.

I took home my little bowl/vase thing from ceramics class... it looks... polka-dotty. In ceramics class we were goofing off with Javier's "flame boy" ceramic figure thing and we were making it sit on my bowl thing and Octavia says it's going potty and every time Javier took it off the "potty" she would say, "You're making it drip!! Don't bother people when they're using the potty!!" and grab it and stick it back on the bowl thing. Even once she took my bowl thing and put some hand-lotion in it and then stuck the flame boy figure on it.. now the thought was pretty gross. At the end of class my friend Lauren snatched the bowl and ran for the tech class and I chased after her. The bowl still had lotion in it. In a nearby fountain I rinsed out the lotion and made a break for SSR class. ><;;;;

Erika Z. from pre-algebra sits behind me now, and she asked if I could draw those bunch of silly monkeys I drew for Ashley and Alyssa. I started on that 6th period after finishing my test prep. I find 6th period to be the coolest class btw, though I don't talk much in that class my fellow classmates are so the stupidest. lol

As for 7th period language arts, we pretty much kicked back and relaxed. We didn't do any work, but we could do word searches and crosswords for the fun of it. We'll hopefully be resting tomorrow, but I think three peeps ruined it for our class. >=( I don't feel like doing any work, especially because tomorrow's the last day for us until spring break starts. We get back on the 1st of April; April Fool's Day. And tomorrow afterschool if I get the chance I might go to the school dance... I think. I do know my sister's going. ^_^ I can't wait to hear what happens. I don't feel like going anyway.

As for the afternoon, I was chatting with my friend Ashley NONSTOP until like 5pm. Ashley decided to send me this fricken weird picture that scared me outta my chair. Seriously, it did. What did it? Okay, it's this picture. It's really freaky. Anyway, in the directions I was sent, you have to stare at the blue thing in the doorway for about 30 seconds. If you looked hard enough you should see a ghostly figure lurking there. Wait long enough and... well, the ending was so fast yet so scary that I can't remember what it looked like nor do I even want to try that again. >.<

March 19, 2002

Okay, apparently, I feel really sick right now. -_-;;;; I feel hot in body temperature, my head's warm, my throat feels clogged, I keep coughing 'cause it's hard to breathe, and my head feels like my brain was replaced by water or a metal ball. ><;;; It hurts, dammit. I've been having to sleep a lot during my sister's softball practice and when I got home I was laying on the couch for more than half an hour. I don't really feel like doing anything.

Well, spring break got its start off and it's a horrible start for me. It was my first time at the school dance and I thought it sucked. I was dragged around by Ashley L. from the loud speakers to outside in the lunch area talking to Brianna and Liz and one of my 6th grade teachers. It was around 3pm so I had to use the bathroom. While I was in the MPR I started feeling really dizzy and my head started hurting so I kept going in and out of the MPR and my feet started hurting just as much as my legs. I was relieved to find that it was near 3:50pm (the time the dance would be over) and I headed for my backpack. While I was in the MPR though I was talked to by Natalin and Samuel and Ashley and Christina J. The question asked by most of them was, "Why aren't you dancing?" and my answer was fairly simple. Unfortunately, I don't like to dance, especially when I start feeling really sick. Two, I was only there to keep an eye out for my sister to make sure she doesn't do anything stupid. Three, my dad wanted to see how it would turn out. Four, my mom didn't want to go back and forward when picking us up from school, so I had no other choice. I feel so stupid. I'm very happy that the dance is over, I'm NOT going to any more dances. Oh dang, my neck's starting to hurt....

I made two new blobs second period. They look like my plush dolls, EV and Poochie, without a body or nose. ^.^ I asked Crystal R. if she could make and color a blob for me and she agreed. Hopefully I can get it April 1st, the day school resumes. We have about eleven days of spring break. The quarter ended and I think I got an F in PE, despite the fact I beat my mile time like, yesterday. I'm hoping we'll get our report cards in the mail during spring break I'm eager to know what my grades were. =)

Ugh, I really feel sick now, it's hard to keep my eyes open. For a while I'll have to sleep early and wake up later than usual not because I'm lazy but I need to relax. Recently, my back was hurting and I couldn't sit still or anything. Maybe I really should stop slouching and maybe I need a real desk chair for Christmas.

March 20, 2002

Ahh... I'm feeling better today. My head doesn't hurt as much as yesterday but it's still feeling warm. =( I ate some ice cream to see if it'll make it cool down. XP It was flavored vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. =P Anyway, the start of spring break isn't much right now, but it felt great to wake up later than normal. I weather's nice, but I didn't go outside. It was too late when I decided; it was sunset and getting cold. Instead, I decided to play video games practically all day... but it's fun. ^_^ I was playing the special Zelda Ocarina of Time edition we got, and Pokémon Stadium and Kirby64. ^.^ I finally beat Misty on Pokémon Stadium. XD Also, my sis and I beat Morpha in the Water Temple in Zelda. ^_^

March 21, 2002

My friends came over this morning and were here from around 8 to like... four pm. We played video games most of the time, but we also played pool and ping-pong and all that crap. Around 5:30 we arrived at my sis' coach's house for batting practice, which seemed like forever. I had to stay in the van again because of my stupid throat.

Anyway, my sicknesses are still going. I was in the shower and I started coughing a lot and I had a hard time breathing and I coughed up a ton of lugi in the showers, it was gross. It was yellowish-brown, too. >< I so don't feel so good... I need more medication, sore throat spray isn't too good. Plus every time I swallow I feel like I'm swallowing something big but I haven't even eaten anything. /_\;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

March 22, 2002

Ugh, I'm still not feeling well... But the first parts of the day were... pretty interesting. ^_^ My friends came over again and this time we went to the lake. While we were parking... lol um, our van decided to crash itself into the van. ><;;; Anyway, we took a walk and stopped every now and then to goof off at the play ground or some other stuff. While we were distracted by the play ground though a crow or two tore a hole in my sister's bag of hot cheetos, it was comedy!! On our second stop we were all throwing pine cones at eachother. My sister threw one at me hard and it hit my right elbow (and it bled). Our third stop was the longest. We were skipping rocks near the shore of the lake and I got bored fast. The crows were really bothering me. I decided to sit by our food and watch everyone else. They took their shoes and socks up, rolled up their pants, and started walking around in the shallow parts of the water. I heard my little sister fell in the water three times. lol While I watched them I also decided to watch the cute little itty bitty squirrels that scurried about in the picnic area. I had some nasty crackers with me so I tossed them to the squirrels and little by little, they followed the crumb trail I made towards me. ^_^ They look so cute when they eat. There were about 7 to 10 squirrels running about, chasing eachother off, fighting for food, running back and forth with and without food, eating in front of me, hiding under the tables... On our way back to the van my little sister said Alison hit her with something and she started whining and my mom started lecturing and my little sister started crying and my mom made deals that if she didn't stop crying we would leave without my little sister (now that's a wish...). She finally stopped crying and we left.

At home all we did was play video games and crap until my friends' mom came. After that we went to Alison's softball practice. When we got home I felt really crummy and bored. I started coughing a whole lot and it got really hard for me to breathe. =( I don't think my medicine's working... my nose isn't that bad anymore but the swallowing is really bad and the coughing's hurting me.

March 23, 2002

I feel happy today! I didn't spit up a whole bucket-full of lugi this morning, so I'm really happy about that. The throat problem's gotten better and I'm not sneezing anymore. Now all I have to deal with really is my runny nose.

Anyway, we didn't really do anything that interesting in the morning. However, as it neared like, 4 o' clock we had to go to my sister's softball friendly game in a nearby city. It was really interesting because it was a game against a team of boys our age. What was even more interesting was that when the 1st inning was over the score was 5-0... our team was winning already. In fact, the overrall score was 11-0. We won. But all the stuff that happened was really funny. One of the members of our team hit the ball straight back at the pitcher and it hit his shin. >=) One of the boys jumped over my sister on second base and he was out because my sister tagged him before he jumed. lol The boys never got to 3rd base. Um... the ball went pass the outfielders when the girls were up. Ahh... it was so funny that I can't describe it. ^_^

That was pretty much all that happened. The sports games that I find the most interesting is when it's girls vs boys or school vs city/travel. =)

March 26, 2002

Today was a day for chores - a lot of chores. I'm talking to my friend this morning about stuff I forgot and I'm interrupted by my mom who wants me to put away some of my dad's junk. Well... the old Atari console was pretty interesting, but the rest... you know. And then I had to put a bunch of worn clothes into that big white box... the washing machine thingy and put this liquid stuff in it. By the way, I don't really know what that crap is called. ^^;; After that I made myself some lunch - rice and BBQ!! =P Yum. I washed all the dishes and played video games after that. The game I played was Hey You, Pikachu! and I love that game so much; it is really cute and unique. My fun hour was over fast. After that I had to scrub some really smelly socks, and my dad's smelly underwear. Fortunately, my mom had already soaked them so they weren't smelly. Either way I can't smell because I'm still sick. Anyway, that took me what seemed like more than an hour... I was tired and my split-ended hair was killing me. Not literally, obviously. I was relieved that that was done and with my spare time decided to give the outside of my blue Report shoes a quick scrub. They were black and now they're white. ^_^

Soon after I finished cleaning those nasty little things we headed for my sister's softball practice. All I did was hang in the van and play on my Game Boy Color. I started a new file on Zelda: Link's Awakening and got past the first two dungeons. Guess what? I'm trying not to be a thief in the game anymore, unlike my cousin and sister.... Anyway, I think starting new files are fun. ^_^

Tonight my friend's been bothering me about looking at pictures of guys... and I told her how much I HATE looking at photos of guys, especially if she's the one sending them. ^^;;; I'm not interested in those. Anyway, time for my evening nap/snooze. 'Later!!

March 27, 2002

I was playing Zelda: Link's Awakening this morning around 10 o' clock when the power went out. ><;; While it was out I played Zelda without my AC adapter and with the batteries I had until I got stuck and then decided to play ping-pong with my mom out in the backyard. After about an hour of that I decided to shoot a few hoops of basketball. That got boring and I decided to hit a few tennis balls against the chimney wall with my yellow Head tennis racket. I haven't used that baby in a while. ^_^ Last time I remember using it was like, two years ago. ^_^;;;;;;

I power finally came back on at 3:00pm. I was so happy I plucked the batteries out of my game boy and attached the AC adapter and started playing again. We then left to the library to my sister could return a book and so I could get something printed. My stupid printer broke last year because it was too fricken old. Afterall, I did punch and kick it every now and then. After that we rushed for my sister's softball practice but then found out we were several minutes early; we were the first people at the field! Practice lasted two hours and after that we went to Food 4 Less to get some food, obviously, and after that we went to buy some doughnuts. ^_^ Very tiring day I should say.

March 28, 2002

Time is passing so soon... anyway, I got dug out of bed this morning by my mom. I am feeling so much better; I have recovered from my illness!! This morning I had a glazed doughnut and a glass of milk for breakfast and I went on to the computer immediately after that, because recently my sister and I have started fighting for the computer. Fortunately, she was having fun watching and singing to Barney and Caillou and Clifford: The Big Red Dog and Teletubbies TV shows on PBS. I got kicked off at 11 o' clock by my sister after she showered. ^^;;;

We went shopping at Costco and had lunch there and went home with a ton of stuff - food products to be exact. While we were at home I was just being boring and playing video games and stuff of that sort. We didn't have much for dinner since the whole family didn't feel like eating. After that we had some grapefruit. =P I love grapefruit. After that I took a shower and then I started up the computer. I'm typing stupid stuff on my online journal and now I wanna go on the Internet. Bye!!

March 29, 2002

We didn't do very much today either. I was playing Zelda on my Game Boy again most of the morning. We were at some laundry shop place and we waited for as long as an hour, or maybe I'm just exaggerating. At least my blanket is nice and fresh now. ^_^ Most of the time we stayed home. I was really bored and I lay on the floor, on the couch all sleepy, eating popcorn. The only thing that got me to do something was playing Super Mario 64 (making Mario fly) and playing Mario Party. That's it. After that I got really bored and decided to go on the Internet. I stayed on for I think more than two hours... I don't know nor do I remember. For the last few minutes of my time on the Internet I was talking to my buddy from school, Kristine, who is in my first period PE class. We didn't talk about much at first, but just 15 minutes before I logged off we started talking about hair cuts.

Actually, I did have a haircut yesterday, but I don't think I typed anything about it yesterday. About two to three inches of my hair was cut off. Now my hair's a little below shoulder width and my bangs are much shorter. Kristine said that she had her hair cut last year and about 6 inches of it was cut off. Hardly any one noticed it, so she's pretty lucky. I didn't even notice!! From my last trim, only one person noticed it and that was Felisha, but nobody else noticed, fortunately. Now I gotta go, it's dinner time!!