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February 2002

February 19, 2002

HOMEWORK... I HAVE WAY TOO MUCH HOMEWORK... Damned school... Wanna know what I have for homework tonight? Here's a list of all the homework I got (some classes don't even give homework). All sun bullets indicate light homework, stars indicate normal, and moons indicate heavy.

Pre-Algebra: 2-sided worksheet, two-page essay on Self-Control (we got in trouble with our substitute teacher last week)
Science: 2 worksheets, four review questions
History: 5 paragraph essay on Beliefs of Catholics and Protestants
Language: write 2 poems, 8 double-sided worksheets

Okay, maybe you might not think that's a lot but to me it is way more than usual. Notice that there were no suns or stars? Yep, today's my lucky day. I hate school. *faints*

Anyway, my sis and I tried our new route out of school after school. It took forever for my sister to get her butt out of the classroom and it put me on more stress because I wanted to get home and get my fricken homework done. I probably waited 15 minutes after the dismissal bell. Meanwhile I was talking with my friends and sketching some crap out of my old homework papers and throwing crumpled papers all over the places (it seemed like I waited an hour). Finally, she's out and we ran to our ride and left. Gee, I brought my Game Boy but I never played it after school because of that truck-load o' homework. >=[

Hahaha... stressing me out even more is that we're leaving for my sister's travel ball softball practice. XP I need a nap... it's a good thing I actually did a little bit of my homework during lunch period at school. Anyway, that's all the interesting stuff that's been going on... I'm way too stressed to type. Ciao, only ten min. before we leave!!

Oh and by the way, I would like to say 'Happy birthday' to my older step-cousin Jena E. (she's 17) and to my friend/classmate/neighbor, Jonathon S. (he's 13). Happy Birthday!!!

February 20, 2002

Ahh... I'm relieved of homework today!! I was supposed to have language homework but we had a sub and we won't be assigned the poetry homework 'til tomorrow. =P We got outta school early (as usual on Wednesdays) so I have plenty of free time on my hands without the homework. Most of the homework tomorrow would be to study for my quizzes and tests. I don't even study, because whenever I do I always forget everything and do bad on the quizzes and tests and crap. So far I've been acing the tests.

Anyway, from morning to now, here's what's been happening... Before I left home I was on the Internet again on the NeoPets site. Nothing interesting happened. When I was at school first period I got slapped in the face by Robert, and he usually does that in the morning because I whine too much. Two of my other friends Kristine and Jessica are still absent. In case you didn't know, I have physical education (PE) 1st period. Our coach was fricken mad at us because when we ran the mile yesterday our times were bad. My fastest time was 10 min. and 34 seconds. Yesterday it was 11 min. 30 sec. Yeah, I know I'm slow, but I'm not the only slowest one. ^_^ We're running a mile tomorrow and Friday as punishment (I hate running...) and today we ran our little stupid Figure 8, meaning we ran about 2 1/2 laps, making the number "8" as we ran. ><;; I was tired 'cause I made it in about 5 min. I felt like I was about to collapse. There were only four people ahead of me out of the entire class, yay!!

Second period is my ceramics class. It's a class that consists of both 7th and 8th graders, and the 8th graders, Cody in particular, are a pain in the *ss. Fortunately, most of the 7th graders are people I know. And the only one I knew from last year's classes was Robert (again). I need more friends.. =( Most of my friends that have ceramics class have it fifth period. Anyway, in the class our teacher's sister subbed for us because our teacher's pregnant and... you know. So in class I finished molding my newest character, Aru Leo and it's ready to be fired in the kiln. I just hope no one touches it; one of the spikes broke off and while I was finishing it up the left wing and the tail fell off. ><;;;;; It took me VERY long to put those things back on Aru Leo. And one of my newer friends, Lauren, already started and completed her mythical creature sculpture, which looks like a cat's head and a fish tail I think. Her sculpture is a tad smaller than mine, estimating about four inches high. Mine I think was 5 or 6 inches.

Forth period was boring and frustrating, as it has always been. It's Pre-Algebra, one of my worst subjects. We had to do our classwork with a partner, and I hate working with partners because they are soooooo slow. We had to complete seven word problems and I was already done, while my partner was still stuck on the second problem...

Fifth period was also pretty boring too, as that's the class I get myself into the most trouble in. Normally, it would be because we all sprinted to lunch as soon as the bell rang 12:00 and our science teacher would hold us in for that. Okay, that's not really what I meant. I meant I get caught drawing in that class so much during the teacher's lectures and crap. I can draw AND listen at the same time, so what's the big deal?! The teacher's caught me about over 7 times now throughout the year. >=( I'm surprised I haven't gotten a detention yet. =P Especially that time when I had candy in my mouth during class.

Today was a shorter day than normal, so right after 5th period I went on to 6th period, and our teacher was also fricken mad because even though we didn't come from lunch we're still too social and wild and hyper. We always throw papers across the room and erasers and crayons and rubber bands. It's a circus in this class. Why? Because the history we're learning about, the Renaissance, sucks. 7th period was also really boring. We didn't expect the sub and we had to read a poem by Walt Whitman. I was about to sleep. I didn't study for nothing.... we were supposed to have a vocabulary test today.

Now I'm home typing away on my jacked up computer. I'm hoping tomorrow will be a lot better and a little more social. A lot of my really good friends are absent for some reason so I've been having to hang out with Felisha and Ashley D. and my other friends. I need a life... *slams her head on her keyboard* asdlkfjaslfdjkhdfkshghjchvsjkhfeiuhfjdhkcjskdfuejchisuhdjfjchksduehkfjhjc

February 21, 2002

Ugh, I'm soooo tired... I had such a great dream last night... but I forgot what it was about. Anyway, this morning I woke up way later than I usually do (normally at 5:30), but this time I woke up at 6:40 and I was supposed to leave at 7:10!!! I was zipping from one room to the next in an effort to complete my morning routine, and I finished, wheeee!! *clears throat* I just drank some chocolate milk. =P

Anyway, one of my friends and I started a little drawing contest at school this morning. =) We drew two puppies; my puppy was a boy and my friend, Lauren, drew a girl puppy. During our lunch period we got our little friends to vote which puppy they thought was cuter... and so far I'm losing!!! XP Maybe it's because my puppy was a boy... most of the peeps we asked were girls. The score right now is seven to ten, Lauren's winning!! >=( Here's some of the people who voted and which puppy they voted for:

Crystal R. (boy puppy)
Alex P. (girl puppy)
Felisha G. (both)
Precious (both)
Jonathon S. (boy puppy)
Napier N. (both)
Erika (girl puppy)
Doug H. (boy puppy)
Ryan R. (boy puppy)

That's not all of them, I forgot!! Anyway, I'm back on NeoPets and my little Dino is bugging me for playing some hip-hop midi. Ciao!!

February 22, 2002

Yay, it's a Friday!!! No school tomorrow... I can sleep in!! ...?! Wait, I forgot my sis' softball game for the school is tomorrow... at 8:30am?! =( That stinks... anyway tomorrow's the last day for the school softball, so that'll be the end of it. ^_^ I still have Sunday to sleep in.

I feel so filthy today. This morning we ran another mile and I ran it in 11 min and 3 seconds. I managed to stay within thirty seconds of my fastest time this time... by 1 second!! =D I didn't walk. After that I was breathing too hard and I was sweating and my throat and lips and all felt sticky and dry. /_\;;; What made yucky matters worse was that in 5th period science class we were messing with plaster and two drops got on my Curious George jacket. I didn't even notice 'til 6th period, oy!! XP Luckily know one else noticed. =)

Lunch period was pretty annoying too. I was just walking around looking for Lauren and Felisha showed up. I asked her where Lauren is because she wasn't at her "usual spot". We scanned our way through all the picnic tables in the lunch area because we knew she wouldn't be in the PE quad. It took us a while to find her, and she was sitting with some of my friends in PE class, Lucretia and Jasmine. We weren't sure what she was doing, but it's not like it mattered. We talked a little about our drawing issues and I told Lauren that I got a few more votes on the Puppy drawings contest we held. Last night I had my sisters vote, Alison voted for both and Sarah voted for my puppy. At the time the vote count was 9 to 11, Lauren still ahead by one. >=( Felisha decided to help me out... rudely. She snatched the pics from me and dashed to practically every occupied picnic table asking, "Which puppy do you like?" to everyone. Gee, that put me ahead by two... the score right now is 17 to 15. After that Lauren asked about the picture I drew of my room. That's kinda where all the screaming and yelling and chasing started.

First, one of my friends from last year, Safiya, saw the pic by coincidence and asked to show it to some other friends, Monique and Evelyn. I walked around for a little while and then returned to Safiya and got my pic back. Just as I was about to put it back in my binder Felisha grabs it and sprints all the way around the lunch area to the north side of the PE lockers, where she showed off the pic to everyone there. I had to chase her there and I was hot on her heels. Felisha snatched the pic from the peeps and again dashed away to where we were a few minutes ago, where again she showed off the pic. I had to cut through the tables to get to her (considering how heavy my backpack was). Some of my old friends were watching curiously as to what the hell was going on, because normally I wouldn't run around the lunch area. Some of those friends were Crystal, Alex, José, Jerell, Ryan, Kieaira, Krissa and Christine (they're twins), Delica, Napier, Jasmine, Lucretia, Traa, Safiya, Evelyn, and some other people. Apparently, Felisha and I were probably the ones getting most of the attention that day. ><;;;;;;;;; As much as that was embarrasing, I needed the pic back 'cause I was almost done with it!!!

Luckily, security guards and our principal and vice-principals were all over the lunch area. As I ran passed our principal I stopped and squeaked, "She won't give back my picture!" Yeah, I know that's babyish but it works. =P I got the pic back that way. By that time the passing bell rang and we head on over to 6th period.

As Felisha and I walked to 6th period another friend of mine, whose name is also Crystal, decided to hitch-hike with us by grabbing our backpacks. I pulled away and dashed when Felisha yelled, "IT'S CRYSTAL!!!!" As we neared the library we unexpectedly collided right into eachother and I fell backward. XP We were a little confused for a sec, but Lauren passed by and asked if we were okay. We were okay... I guess. Some of our other friends laughed at how stupid we were, but we knew if we saw ourselves we'd be laughing hard, too. ^_^

6th period was a pain. We weren't allowed to talk the entire period. >=( During the "hour of silence" I decided to finish up my pic of my bedroom... it looks really good, too. >=P It's pretty funny. Again, Felisha snatched it and showed it to the History teacher and some of our other classmates. ><;

I'm home now, and I'm tired. I brought home my latest ceramic creation... my sculpture of Neony's head!! It looks.. ugly. Anyway, that's pretty much all I've done for today. It was much more exciting that the previous days at least. =) I'm happy.

February 23, 2002

I kinda liked how today went... this morning I woke up around 7 and we left for my sister's school softball game at 8:30. I dragged my binder full of pics I drew to keep me occupied while we were there if I didn't feel like watching. But this was the school's last softball game for the year and it was pretty exciting, like, the score was 17 to 6, Cougars (that's us) won against the Panthers. While the Panthers scored on us slowly, I decided to draw a b/w Moltres (I didn't have my colored pencils or markers) considering how hot it was out there this morning. <=)

Despite the fact that Cougars won this game, they ended up at the top of the losers' bracket. ><;;;; Not good, but at least we're not at the very bottom of the bracket. =) If we won another game or two we could've made it to the tournament.

That's pretty much all that happened today. Most of the afternoon I spent my time playing Pokémon Blue on Pokémon Stadium. I was messing with the camera mode and the GB tower and the lab. =) After that I played Hey You, Pikachu! for a while and then I had to help my sister do her fricken report for Language class. Our Microsoft Word is OLD, I wish we had Corel Word Perfect. =(

Oh, and I can't wait to see the closing ceremony for the Olympics tomorrow night. =P I'll be watching!!

February 25, 2002

Yesterday I was at my sister's softball travel sox tournament in Highlands, CA and they won all their games that day, three out of three. =) Yay. We came home just in time to watch the closing ceremony for the Olympics, so that's another yay, but the ceremony seemed almost completely boring. -_- It's about time I heard from Christina Aguilera, and I didn't think that Kiss would sound that bad. ><;;; Everyone was talking about the closing ceremony at school, and guess what most of them said? "It sucked."

We ran another mile and my legs are much more sore than when they were last Friday. /_\;;; I feel like crap.... This time I made it in 11 minutes and 5 seconds. Just two more seconds and I could've passed... I barely passed. Robert trailed along behind me after 1st and 3rd period and bugged me the entire passing periods. I decided to do only half my pre-algebra homework and most of my science homework and most of my language homework. I painted parts of my hair green in science class by accident. ^_^;;; But I can barely see the green now. History was VERY boring 'cause we couldn't make a sound with our mouths. >=| Not fair. Language was also boring. We have to MEMORIZE a poem, that's really hard for me.

I just got yelled at by my dad. /.\ ;;; I feel hopeless... I need a knife....

February 26, 2002

I need to calm down today, but I can't. lol I've been laughing practically all day today considering all the hilarious stuff that's been going on at school. I realize that I always type in my journal and it has a lot to do with school but then that's because right when I get home from school during the time I have to do homework it's already done and I use the spare time to type. =)

Anyway, the first funniest thing was that at PE some of my friends got weighed and their height checked, and its results were funny!! A lot of them weighed more than they expected!! Wanna know mine? I was 56" tall and weighed 90 lbs. ^_^

Second was at lunch. After eating my pizza (we get pizzas every Tuesday) I gave away my black and white Pokémon pics to Crystal ('cause I didn't want them plus I didn't know what to do with them anyway) and her friend Alex and the rest of the "gang" Ryan, José, Jerell, and Jack, and Zori, all looked at my binder-ful of drawing crap and told me that I drew ... stuff. But what they said was so funny that we were all cracking up and again it looked like everyone was staring at us. ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; After that I left to look for Felisha and Lauren and I found them and Felisha slapped me and everyone who saw laughed. I thought it was funny too 'cause she fights like a girl. *meow*

The final funniest thing today occured after school. My sister scolded me in the library because her fricken biography report thing got messed up while she was editing it during class. We left and Alison went and chased someone off and if I had running shoes then I would run after her. One of her old friends from elementary school caught her chasing her friend and I'm not sure what they said but it had something to do with pushovers. Alison was all pushing him backwards and I had to verbally drag her until she finally decided to walk without me saying anything to her. On our way to our ride I caught my two friends Robert and Elaine and I didn't know what the hell they were talking about 'cause I was too far away to hear but Elaine slapped Robert in the face and you could actually see a red mark in the shape of a hard right across the right side of his face. I thought that was the most hilarious of the day. lol I was all like, "Robert got slapped!!" and he heard and came stomping toward me and slapped me in the head and I heard my sister mumble something and I had to run to catch up.

After that the fun got ruined by my mom's talking about racing against time to avoid traffic. But that's okay, just remembering the funniest stuff makes me happy. =)

February 27, 2002

I kinda liked how today went. I did Crystal's pic for her (and it was pretty cute- a doll version of herself!!) and her friend Alex asked for one of him. =/ Don't know about him because normally his hair is really long and he spikes it so that it stands about 6 inches high. <=P I've already gotten started on that, and when I'm done with it I'll have to get my butt started on drawing Felisha's doll pic. ^_^;;

Today was a minimum day so we got out of school early, as we usually do on Wednesdays. I did all my homework during free time in class so I don't have to bother with it. My sister was at a school softball party so I left school and went to my friends house... and I got to play with Ki!! Ki's my friends' dog, I think he's half corgi and half german sheperd. He is so the cutest, just as cute as he was when he was a puppy. =) When I was about to leave their house there was this little itty bitty Mexican dog thing, that chi-something. It also had german sheperd fur, and when Ki saw it he was growling and trying to break from his leash, it was funny. My friend Krissa chased the little dog off around the corner and I left after that. My sister didn't bring me anything from her party... /_\

When I got home I found my life-long friend Stephanie and her mom waiting on the drive way. Stephanie needed a science book from us and so we let her borrow it for her science project. I used to do those when I was in elementary school, and luckly middle school doesn't do those, so I don't even bother with my old science book. While we were outside we played catch with a hacky-sack and softballs and wooful (spell?) balls. When we went in my house Stephanie and I played Pokémon Stadium and battled eachother and played those cute little minigames. =) After that they had to leave; Stephanie's science project was due this Monday!! ><;;;;

Anyway, I'm on NeoPets and battling the all-new and too easy Chia Clown using my NeoPet PootyKat. =) I've beaten the Chia Clown tons of times this morning so I know what to expect from it. He is totally EASY. Tonight if I can catch it and find the channel it's on I may watch the Grammy Awards 2002... I can't wait to see who got nominated!!

February 28, 2002

Last day of February, woohoo!! =) Unfortunately the day began with a computer jam this morning. XD I restarted more than 11 times and I gave up and just played on my Game Boy Color for a while and then I got bored and I decided to continue working on my Eevee family drawing. It's really nice so far... it's inked and ready to be colored!!! By the way, it's part two of my other Eevee drawing from last year.

I didn't do much today, but I redid my Aru Leo sculpture in Ceramics class and I did a keychain piece of my little plushie, Spoot, and hopefully they'll be fired by next week. I'm also doing an abstract sculpture of my other more famous doll, Dino, and I think it's cooling down right now, but I'm not sure. =) I hope it didn't selfdestruct!!

Also, in History aka Social Studies class we did a contest on who knew the most things for our Renaissance unit. I got second place 'cause I write too slow. ^_^;;;; I wrote a total of 47 facts, while Felisha wrote 50 and a short itty bitty dude named Brenton wrote 44 facts. Jonathon was disappoined because he wrote 40 facts, and he's been fussing about it on our way to 7th period, Language class (we have that class together, too!! We have 3 classes together; Pre-Algebra, History, and Language).

When I got home I slapped on the computer switch 'cause I thought I gave it long enough to cool down and it should be ready to reboot. I finally got on and I'm playing NeoPets right now, so I'm pretty much happy. I already finished two pics from yesterday, one of my friend Alex and the other is Felisha as a reject doll. >=) It looks sooooo funny.