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April 2002

April 01, 2002

A lot of people were surprised to hear me say it, but I am very glad school's back. ^_^ The reason is because most of the break I was sick and lazy. Besides, there wasn't really much to do without any homework and crap. It's April Fool's Day, too, so I got a few laughs.

My morning was pretty active. I had three braided, American-colored bracelets hanging from my lock which had been locked onto one of the zippers of my backpack. Just as we were about to go into the school's campus doors, my lock somehow unlocked itself and fell to the ground. I heard its clink, and turned around to pick it up and lock it back on. Astonishingly, the bracelets were gone!! I was so freaked out that I couldn't stop talking about it almost the entire morning!! When Felisha met up before school started, we sneaked back out of the doors and searched my entire "walk into school" route but there were no signs of the bracelets. Not even Tommy and his friends saw it. Fortunately, one of my partners who was supposed to help make the bracelets was in my first period class as well as my forth period class. She freaked out too and gave me the string to make the bracelets again. I immediatly finished up the one she had already started, but then realized I forgot my scizzors!! ><;;; I am SOOOOOOO stupid!!!!! Okay, anyway, I decided not to worry about it today because one of my friends told me we weren't going to do anything with the bracelets today, so I calmed down a little. In 4th period, we talked about our future jobs, house, car, and money. That's it.

On my way to 5th period I ran into Jerell. I always see him on my way to 5th period, and it's pretty convenient. Anyway, he was behind me when I walked onto the school grounds this morning so I asked him if he saw any American-themed braided bracelets on the ground. He said that he didn't. Well, I guess I have to make all five over again., I thought to myself. /_\;; These bracelets were a real drag.

5th period wasn't that bad, but I was really glad when it was over because it was lunch time. ^_^ I was really hungry; all I had for breakfast was a bowl of Cherrios, as usual. When I was done eating I slipped out my picture of all my female NeoPets flying and jumping. ^_^ I finished coloring the NeoPets, but still had to do the background. My fellow friends and classmates that sat at the same table said it looked more like I painted it rather than colored it in colored pencil, which is a big wow to me. ^_^ It was hot today so I had to take off my cute pink hooded jacket. ^^;; Since I had the bracelet and that there was still plenty of time till next class, I decided to ask Jerell again, this time with visuals. =D I showed him the bracelet I finished this morning so that he knew what it was supposed to look like, but to my dismay, he said he didn't see any bracelet, not even ones that looked like the one I showed him. /_\;;;;;;;;;;;; Definitely have to make them all again.

During 6th period I finished my NeoPet picture and it looks pretty good considering I was being lazy when it came to drawing over the break. I'm glad that's done. We did a worksheet in Language Arts class. Pretty boring. Then I hear we're going to do an essay soon. Ugh, I hate essays, especially the ones you HAVE TO PLAN. I hate planning how to write. >=( Afterschool I stayed in class for a little while talking to my friend, since my sister gets out of her class about ten minutes after the dismissal bell rings. We were talking about my friend's new cute little black and white puppy. After that I left and looked for Crystal. I found her and got back my blob book, telling me that she would finish her blob by tomorrow. ^_^ Yay, another blob in the making!! I haven't felt blobby in a while. =P

When I got home, my old friend's sister and mom were at the door. Though they were there, I got started on making the bracelets since I didn't want them getting in my way the rest of the week. Soon after that I went on the Internet and took care of my new pet, Aureidonto. At the same time my cousin was on and she was telling me that spring break had finally started for her - and on an April Fool's Day. It must've been very boring for her. She says however that she's receiving IMs from several boys that think she's hot. She's telling me that I am lucky nobody does that to me because she gets so many IMs that it takes her hours just to get to every IM window. ^^;;;; Yep, I'm happy the way I am. =)

April 03, 2002

I think I've got another sore throat again, but it doesn't feel like that all the time. ^_^ Nothing that interesting happened today.... that I can remember. 1st period was smooth and easy; some of us didn't run at all. The rest either ran two laps or a mile. >=P We started on our 4th quarter ceramic projects 2nd period. I made a plate with my name barely engraved on it. =) We did practice tests 6th and 7th period. It was REALLY boring.

Most of the day at home was okay. I started by eating lunch (since I don't eat lunch at school on Wednesdays), which was a pack of Maruchan beef-flavored noodles. =P Yummy. After that it was almost completely video games. I think I was playing from 2pm to 6pm, I'm not sure. I played Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Smash Bros., Kirby64, Mario Party, and I got tired and decided to shower. The entire day was basically a drag. Oh, and 7th period I drew one of my chars, LooLoo!!

April 04, 2002

Okay, I'm not really that mad, I'm just sorta frustrated. This morning I brought a Rubic's Cube to school and played with it before classes started. Felisha snatched it from me and I had to chase her all over the front part of the school to get it back. I was too tired and wasn't feeling all that good when I caught up. /.\;;;;; I was really pissed off when she did that. Usually, if someone just snatches something from me and I have to chase them down to get it, my trust in them lowers greatly and I'm less likely to let them borrow or maybe even hold something. >=(

Second period was kinda funny. We were supposed to be working on the pottery wheel and on my first attempt I lost control of the wheel and the clay. ^^;;;;;;;;;;; Everyone in the class saw, but I thought it was pretty funny too so it really wasn't that embarrasing. The bad thing was all this yicky wet gray clay was all over my hands and it got on my bracelet too, which I forgot to take off. Other than that, I'm okay with it. ^_^ My second attempt was pretty quick, since class was almost over. Anyway, I managed to make a small little bowl. =^-^= I'm really glad I got that over with, I think I'm better off making stuff by hand. =)

Third period wasn't too bad. I was still playing with the cube when Jenna just happened to walk by, calling everyone she passed by some stupid names. I didn't pay much attention to what she called other people, but when she saw me messing with that ugly complicated cube she called me a "geek." I didn't really care what she thought 'cause I was too busy trying to figure out how to put all the colors back together. =P She can never figure out the cube anyway, since she IS a straight F student. >=D Right before 3rd period SSR class was over, our SSR teacher showed us a parasitic worm that could be found in the intestines of humans. Oo;;; And he says that if it travels the wrong way it could come up people's noses. >< YUCKY!!!!!! And my stomach usually growls softly during 3rd period and today it didn't growl especially after hearing what that icky worm could do...

We had a subsitute teacher for our Pre-Algebra class 4th period. We had to draw angles and crap like that; rays, lines, line segments, congruent angles, complementary angles, supplementary angles, etc. I'm glad I found my protractor under a pile of trash in my closet last night. ^_^ It proved useful for the classwork.

We didn't really do anything 5th period (Science class). Well, I didn't really do anything. I don't really even pay attention when we're supposed to correct homework. >=) I drew Kimiko a cute little kitty cat with all those 50 min. of spare time. Lunch was pretty good, too, except when Felisha comes around. ^_^ Fortunately, I stuck to my normal table where my "cool" friends hang, so she didn't bug me. We were talking about playing with kiddish toys. ^_^ All my friends were shocked to hear that I still play with toys as a 7th grader!! O.O I attempt to rip off the heads of Barbie dolls though, that's a way to play with them. ^_^ I play with plush animals, that cube, a toy frog that spits its tongue out when you push its belly, finger bikes and finger boards, pre-school legos (those are FUN!!), and some other cool toys. Not even my best friends Krissa and Christine play with toys anymore!! Not that I mean anything personal or insulting or accusing or anything, but I think they're growing up too fast. I can't remember what else we were talking about, but I was STILL trying to put the colors back together on that stupid cube.

6th period was pretty cool I guess. On our way to class I showed Felisha that I needed one more space to complete one side of the cube. =( Ryan was near and I was going to see if he could figure out how to complete that spot but I didn't think he'd get it anyway with the time we had left. I was wrong about the time; we had at least 3 min. left of passing period so I waited outside in fresh air with that cube still in hand. All these people were all gathered around and everything and I let them try it... they messed up that one side I almost had. =( But that's okay. Jenna arrived at the crowd and was like, "You're still playing with that ugly cube?!" I admit it is pretty ugly with one of the tiles missing, and it takes quite a while to complete the cube if you're stupid. All 6th period we were trying to figure the cube out. I let Brenton borrow it for the period. He sits across the room and I could hear the clanking and squeaking of that "ugly" cube. ^_^ At the end of the period I got it back from Brenton and guess what?! He had one side, the white side, completed before me!! O.O Unbelievable... He wanted to borrow it for the day but I the tiles were coming off so I didn't want him borrowing it, plus it's my sister's, Alison, and I told him what would happen when she finds out that the cube is in someone else's hands.

During the passing period to 7th period I continued staring at the cube in awe. I let Jimmy and Davion mess with the cube, since it'll get messed up anyway. We had to do a writing assignment in LA class and most of the time I was trying to put a color back together. I did start on the assignment, however. Afterschool was pretty interesting. I met up with Kristine outfront and she tried to put the white colors back together but couldn't, since her mom had come in sight. When I saw my sister I was going to find Angelica, since she usually comes out before my sister. We found her and got on our way.

While I was in the van listening to music I started putting the white side of the cube back together again. Miraculously, it only took my like, 3 minutes!! I was impressed with myself. Too bad it wasn't the entire cube. When I got home I couldn't help but mess up the cube again. As much as it is frustrating, it's a cool challenge and so I tried putting another color back together. ^_^ Even during my sister's softball practice I was putting together the cube. And guess what? this time I had the green put together, it was cool!! But my little sister Sarah was getting on my last nerves and giving me frustration. What was really funny though was a bunch of stupid-*ss boys got hold of Alison's catcher's gear and dumped it in a ditch. That was pretty funny to hear.

Overall, I guess this day was decent, but my mood wasn't all that great. It was frustrating, anger, paranoid, all those negative "hatred" words. ^_^ But I'm okay. ^_^

April 06, 2002

Out shopping the entire day today. ^_^ We were in a neighboring city's shopping center looking for a digital camcorder and we got one, but so far we're thinking of returning it. But I think it's pretty cool. =) We were looking through all the stores we went to, looking for Mario Tennis for N64 but we couldn't find one at a decent price, unfortunately. =( I love that game... We were at Wal-Mart and they weren't selling it, but while we were there I got a poster board and some index cards for my math project homework crap.

Between our shopping we came back to a softball field where my sister started her softball fame. We met some of our old friends back at the softball fields. We stayed for a while and then left. I'm glad to be home 'cause I'm tired and I REALLY want to go on the Internet, since my sister's been hogging the dang thing all yesterday. BTW, we're thinking of getting a new computer...

April 07, 2002

Out all day again. <=) My sis had a softball tournament, which was three games. We won the first game but lost the next two, which completely sucks. Our relatives were there too. All that I really did was play Pokémon Silver and Zelda: Link's Awakening on my Game Boy. It only took me two days to beat Zelda. ^_^ When I got bored of that I got myself a strawberry flavored Sour Rope candy. =P Yum.

For dinner we went to a fancy Chinese restaurant. The bill was kinda steep, but it was worth it altogether. I didn't eat too much, but I did have chow mein and fried rice. ^_^ I also had steamed rice with fried fish. =P The dessert though tasted like hot milk. XP It took a while to get home so I listened to 102.7 on the radio while my sisters were sleeping. I cannot fall asleep in the van at night for some reason, and I feel sleepy during the day. Kinda weird, really.

April 09, 2002 We 7th graders had a writing prompt today which messed up the bell schedule pretty bad. All our classes for today were 32 minutes and the test was about 100 minutes. Lunch was the normal 30 min, fortunately. I had to run for the bathroom during 5th period because of the Coke I drank at lunch (today lunch was before 5th period). I usually don't go to the bathroom 5th period nor any other period but 7th.

On my way to 6th period I heard someone belch. I turned around to find that Cody G. and Ryan R. were behind me and I was sure Ryan was the one that did it because I managed to catch Cody saying something about him burping but I wasn't sure what he said because of the clanking of my lock. ^^;; But as soon as I reached the door of the study hall I heard ANOTHER burp which sounded lower than the first. XP Why couldn't he burp an hour ago when it was lunch time?!

I had free time 6th period. During that time I worked on my bird house scale drawing for pre-algebra class. I finished drawing the scale but I still had to color-code it. I had the exact same teacher from this period as a sub for 7th period. O.o; My 7th period teacher wasn't here because her husband got into some accident and was in the hospital. Or at least... that's what I've heard. Fortunately our sub wasn't Mr. Babs, who subbed for the earlier language arts classes. >=P

Afterschool my sissy told me about how my old teacher, who is one of her teachers this year, pulled a cold joke on her in front of the entire class. Ali wasn't grading papers right and her teacher was pulling off jokes on her one by one. It seems like the coldest trick ever pulled on my lil sister!!

I'm relieved... but now it's time for me to grab a snack and get stinkin' AOL started up.

April 10, 2002

School went by pretty quickly today. The Honor Roll Assemblies this morning were very nerve-racking so I had to pull out my pencil and paper and draw something while I waited for my name to be called up. When I was called up for my award I grabbed it and carefully got on stage with all the other 4.0 people. I felt weak because I literally ran, not jogged, ran two laps this morning and I almost tripped over my chair during the assembly. While we were on stage I kept nudging and whispering to my friend and I almost fell off the stage when the assembly was over. ><;;;;;;

3rd period was boring other than the fact that I was slapping my friend. Meow! I slapped Felisha in the face lightly but then she decided to slap me in the face for real. After a minute or two she slapped me again but I blocked it. ^.^ That bi-otch.

6th period I was drawing the XBox for a classmate. I decided I would finish and color it after school. It's been about three hours since school was out and I haven't even picked up a marker. ^_^;;;; And I finally remembered a neglected request and I'm going to have to try to get that done with before Saturday.

Tomorrow's parent conference night from 2 to 4 and 6 to 8. It's also my little sister Sarah's birthday tomorrow (she'll be 7) and the time when I get to delete her game on the Zelda: Ocarina of Time N64 cartridge!! Muahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Err hem. And give her a few good 7 whoopings. o_~

April 11, 2002

Sarah's birthday was today. ^_^ We had a minimum day today and another tomorrow just because. Afterschool we walked to my lil' sis's school to help out at her birthday party. It was easy sneaking in. =P Most of the time at the party I was melting ice in my mouth, since it was REALLY sunny today. /_\ Anyway, I finally have a blob by Crystal but I haven't started drawing a rendition yet. I'll try to start that tomorrow. ^_^

Parent conferences were today from 2 to 4 and 6 to 8. We went to the conferences from 2 to 4 and what we did there was frickin' funny. Sarah and I brought our Game Boys and Alison brought her yo-yo. While she was messing with it the string got tight on her middle finger and it turned blue and huge. lol It was funny 'cause she was screaming all hysterically and throwing a fit. lol People were looking at her and giving her that eyebrow.

We celebrated my little sister's 7th birthday tonight. She got Mario Tennis (N64) as a present and we were playing that game until 9:20. =P Mario Tennis IS a fun game. My fav. tennis player on that game is Birdo. ^_^ All because she's cute and pink. I also like the Shy Guy, Yoshi, Paratroopa, Boo, and Toad. ^_^ Well now it's time to go but just for a few min. I'll mess around on the net...

April 12, 2002

Nothing really interesting happened today. My legs were hurting a little during school. Um... okay Alex asked for a dollie picture of José during third period SSR class. I started writing a letter to Crystal R. about her blob and finished that 4th period. During 5th period my science teacher told me about the GATE classes next year and the problem with changing schedules when this school year is almost over. After finishing the science quiz, I started on the pic of José and I finished it. In 6th period I gave both Crystal's letter and the pic of José to him. I don't remember what else I did, but soon we're going to go pic up my dad, so 'later!

April 13, 2002

I'm having... a so-so day. XP This morning my crappy computer wouldn't start up so I had to go to the alternative; VIDEO GAMES!!!! ^_^;;;; I played Mario Tennis and beat the tournaments with Paratroopa, Boo, and Yoshi. =P But then that got boring and I got to use the digital camcorder. O.O It was cool; I photographed pics of my plush dolls, my drawings, my sisters in action, etc. Using my dad's work laptop, I transferred the photos onto the computer and from there transferred the photos via disk to my home computer. ><;; Long process. Anyway, now they're on my computer. ^_^

I got kicked off by my dad while I was uploading some of the files and I've decided that while I wait I outta eat something. I'll be making some soup right now. Ciao!!

April 14, 2002

Went to UCR's Botanical Gardens today. I've been there before, but it's more lively today. ^_^ The last time we went there, my sister's (Alison's) butt got pricked by a cactus. It was comedy!! This time the bees were after her.

While we toured the garden I had the camcorder again and was snapping and recording away until the battery went out. ^^;; We rested for 20 min. so that the battery could recharge and we moved on. Most of my photos were kinda shaky 'cause of the wind and the heat and because I'm not used to video taping. I took pics of squirrels and scenery. My sis Alison took pics of some of the animals there like lizards and rabbits. She also had flowers like roses, poppies, and irises.

I transferred most of the photos from the cam to the comp and placed a few of them on my profile page. ^_^ Ack, dinner time. Bye!

April 15, 2002

I was VERY stressed out today, especially with all the homework packets and the essay. /_\;;;;;;; We had to watch a stupid movie about drugs for PE and 2nd period we got to work on our clay projects. I finished a "piggy" bank, which was actually a chick poking its head out of its egg, and I made a figure sculpture of poor little me. ^_^;;;;; I'm starting on something else tomorrow... I think a checkers set, celestial style. =) One just like my online Phaedran Checkers game. ^_^

3rd period made me pretty dang paranoid. Felisha showed me all the crap we had for homework in Language Arts class and I was stressed enough that we have a thick packet. /_\;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 4th period pre-algebra homework made it worse; yet my 1ST homework packet of the day. I finished all but the last page during 5th period, where I hear we'll be doing a research project. >=( I HATE RESEARCH PROJECTS!!!!! Essay form better not be included in the rubric 'cause it's hard enough typing essay-like.

I calmed down a little during lunch. I don't really remember what we talked about, but kool Kieaira was carrying around a Blue's Clues doll and Kristine, Odra, Krissa, Christine, and I were poking its tummy and making it perk its ears. =^-^= It is SO cute!! Unfortunately, that whole thing was ended when 6th period began. O.O We had an ESSAY about the rise and fall of the Aztec. ... I hate essays. 7th period I got a homework packet that, when stacked on top of all the other homework packets, was higher than the tallest buildings in the world!! Oo;; Okay maybe I was overexaggerating, but it felt like that.

After school we went shopping; bought water, soda, pears, milk, eggs, garlicbread and some other stuff I can't remember. While in the van I started some of the 7th period homework and finished the essay. ^.^ When I got home I finished all my language arts packet and headed straight for the digital cam and shot photos of my sis with her "smushed cookies" act. It was so funny that I just had to send it to one of her friends. ^_^ Yep, most of the afternoon I was on the Internet. =\ There wasn't anything else to do in this place with a dorky sister or two.

April 18, 2002

Hahaha, I feel so loved (as a daughter)... XP Anyway, I finally had the scoliosis testing near the end of 1st period, but then the passing period bell rang and we were supposed to go to 2nd period. Oo;;;;;;; They didn't get to the rest of us (about 8 other girls including me) and so the nurse told is to change in the locker rooms and come right back to the nurse's office as soon as possible. Anyway, all 8 of us dashed out the back door of the office looking silly in our PE clothes compared to all the other people and we frantically got dressed and ran back to the health office. /_\;;;;;;; Because the girls that were at the office before me were still getting dressed, the other girls made me go first. ><;;;;;;; Not that big a deal.

I was somewhat tardy to 2nd period but I had a pass from the nurse's office so I was let off. I got to work on the clay checkers pieces of my clay checkers set. ^_^ So far I've finished the board and the first 12 pieces. I'm making it Phaedran Checkers-styled so the board will be a tacky lavender and baby blue while the pieces a tacky combo of black and yellow. ^^;;;;;;; I hope no one has touched my stuff or I'll kill them; those pieces are hard to make!!!!!

I don't remember what we did 4th period, but 5th period we had to do some "research" for our assignments. I had to look up the Triassic period of the Mesozoic era. ^_^ I did all my notetaking yesterday so I'm ahead of the whole gang. =P We had to work with partners today. Ugh, I hate working in groups or pairs it's so difficult working with people who can't read my mind. XP Okay, I had to work with this girl named Erindira. She talks a lot, that's all I have to say.

During Ali's softball practice this afternoon I finished organizing all my Triassic period notes and started working on chapter 5 of Phaedra's Spirits. It's coming along well so far, but it took me two hours to write just one full page (front side). ><;;;; I outta get cracking. When we got home I got to work on making Stephanie's blob on the computer. ^_^

April 20, 2002

I feel so stressed. /_\;;;;; I have to work on my science research, my algebra project, language arts project, and a drug review paper. What's made that whole thing worse was the very fact that SAT 9 testing is just around the corner. I need to drop out this week. ^^;;;;;

I was on the Internet most of the day making stuff. Yep, stuff that wasn't even useful enough to be published on the Internet anyway. T_T Other than making "stuff" I went on again and clicked away. Last night I made a new pet MehMehMary the red Kacheek (doesn't that name sound familiar? XP) and all today I was setting things up for it. After that I went and played Mario Tennis and some other video games. I finished up the tournament for every single character in Mario Tennis except for Donkey Kong Jr. I don't know how to unlock that player. =(

April 21, 2002

I had to get dug out of bed this morning. XP My sister had a friendly softball game of three games today at some park. Anyway, they won 2 out of the three games they played, and when we were done, there were police, ambulences, and fire trucks all over the place and I heard someone got injured really badly that they were going to send a helicopter to the park. So........ we stayed at the park and waited for the helicopter to arrive. It didn't take very long and it was pretty darn interesting... sort of.

We didn't have lunch today so I got stuck with making hot dogs and sandwiches for the fam. ^^;;;;;; After that my sister busted the laptop but then my dad fixed it. ^_^ That would've been the second time Alison messed up the laptop. Then I decided to make a few sprites of Poképeople and I got bored of that and now I'm going to upload all my crap onto the Internet. =^-^=

April 23, 2002

Today was soooo stressful. /_\;;; On the math portions of the SAT 9 I was actually STRUGGLING!! I was NOT known to struggle on math (like in 5th grade, I was so good at math), and I failed to understand a few of those questions. T_T I'm lazy. After I finished that portion (which took almost all the testing time) I went back to the vocabulary section and corrected my wrong answers. >=P I found out their definitions yesterday after the test and I kinda "cheated."

Lunch was kinda interesting. My friends that sit at the same table as me decided to be nosy and look through my binder. I didn't mind since there wasn't really anything interesting in it anyway. Uh... well there was and it was my organizer. It took Ashley a while to figure it out and it took me 'til the end of lunch to get it back. XP I was squishing these itty bitty black bugs at lunch too and it so got on my friends nerves (I think they thought I was clapping at thin air just above the table). In fact one of those bugs almost went in Kristine's mouth. lol I squished one on my science reading packet thing and so now it has this orange-green smudge on the cover. ^_^;;;;;

Just before 7th period I decided to have a little game with Felisha and just as she was walking toward me with her eyes closed and walking like a zombie I slapped her up side her head. ^_^ Sam and Jon saw it and... they found it interesting when Felisha slapped me back right in the eye. Oo;;; Well, my eye lids closed just in time, so it wasn't necessarily MY EYE. It was MY EYE LID. Sam was telling it to our Language arts teacher with all this enthusiasm and our teacher's reaction was pretty funny. =D

Most of the time afterschool at home I played video games. XP I actually didn't feel like going on the Internet today. O.O I was playing Mario Tennis and I finally unlocked DK Jr. ^.^ All I had to do was complete a doubles tournament. ^_^ And I also got a Yoshi and Birdo court. =) I'm so proud... I've gotten 8 courts; the four basic courts, the Mario Bros., Baby Mario and Yoshi, Yoshi and Birdo, and Donkey Kong. ^_^ I wonder if there are any more... o.o

Anyway, last but not least, my sister Alison's birthday is tomorrow and we have a little surprise present for her. ^_^ It's her 12th birthday and what other gift could we give her better than a bucket of Philadelphia Cream Cheese from Ashley (lol) and we're going to slap her. ^_^ In fact I made an equation for that:

t = total number of slaps, p = number of people who slap her

t = 12p

I hate math. ^_^ But this is going to be funny. I really wonder if Ashley will actually get Ali a pack of Philadelphia Cream Cheese... lol I just love the thought of it!!!

April 26, 2002

Oh thank God the SAT 9 testing's over!!!! ^_^ That thing was horrifying, I'm sure I missed tons of the questions!! On the vocabulary and spelling sections, though, I went home and found out the definitions and the next day after finishing that day's tests I went back and filled in all the right answers. XP I'm a horrid speller and definer.

Anyway, I finished the picture of Poochie skateboarding and some of the Plushie crew. ^_^ It's really cute and it's about time I had something done. I think it's been a week since the last fully-colored picture I've drawn. Hahahahaha. We had to work on the California Language Arts Standards section and after that I finished up the coloring.

It was raining today. Isn't that swell? Okay, in science we got an early experience of 8th grade chemistry. Our science teacher showed us how glow-in-the-dark substances work and we actually saw how it happened with the lights off. When we got out of class and went to lunch it started raining again and it got annoying and so we had to go into the nasty uncomfortable MPR. ><;; Most of the time at lunch I was poking Kristine just to get on her nerves. lol But then I got socked several times. XP

At the end of 6th period I drew Bin Laden getting his head torn apart by a cute little eagle. =^-^= It was cute and cool, and I when I showed it to people they gave me all sorts of reactions it was funny. I showed it to my language arts teacher and her reaction was perhaps the funniest. I gave the picture to Jimmie in the end, I thought it related to him. lol

Crystal requested for another drawing. =\ It looks a trifle difficult, but at least I'll be off my big butt and scratching away at paper. When I got home we watched The Princess Diaries DVD movie that Ali got today from Krissa and Christine. That movie's pretty funny, especially the beginning. Then I played Mario Tennis' Star Tournaments and with Birdo I won the Rainbow and Moonlight Cup. ^_^ After that I went on the Internet and replied to Crystal's eMail and typed up junk mail for Kristine to get pissed off at. lol Oh, Kristine!!!! *poke*

April 29, 2002

I'm so tired... today I got to see Kristine's stitches on her leg. She's literally killing herself. XP We're starting track in PE class and we had to practice the long jump. I sucked. ^_^;;;;; What can you expect from such a short loaner?

I took home a ton of stuff from ceramics class. XP Actually, I took only four things home: a chicken coin bank, a "mini-me" sculpture, a rainbow box thing, and a plain boring yellow bowl. I thought they'd break in my backpack while the day went on. 5th period we had to discuss the stupid era report thing and I'm already done more than half of it already. XD It's due Friday and I still have to type it up and draw a poster thing for it. I'm tired...

On my way to 6th period one of the straps for my backpack came loose and I spent all 6th period trying to fix it, and I fixed it. ^_~ I find out 7th period that we're going to submit our poetry to the Library of Congress and I'm stressed because we have to write 5 summaries about 5 stories. T_T I'm VERY TIRED.

I got relaxed after the 3-D math art GATE class. ^_^ Very glad. I made something.. it's like a ball with three-sided pyramids sticking out of it. Oo;;; It's pink, yellow, orange, and green. ^_^,