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Poochie's Pad + Updates =

Welcome to the all-amazing Poochie's Pad!! XP Well, okay it's not amazing, it'll be pretty darn boring, but what the heck... Poochie's Pad is a collective and information site for all of the little itty bitty sub-sites that are part of this huge monster. XP Things here are going to be very different compared to its ancient self, Gallery of Phaedran Arts.

See that dog-thing w/ the heart to the right? Meet Poochie, the dog-bear hybrid! XP Isn't he the cutest little dog-bear you've ever seen?! He's asking you if you want to see something. Currently, the three things you can have are brain food, eye candy, and junkfood. XP Brainfood is where all my info and crap is stored. Eye Candy is where all the sub-sites are, and Junkfood is the miscellaneous, left-overs, whatever you wanna call 'em. ^_^

Updates ~~~
July 03, 2002 @ 12:38pm PST - 6 new
quiz results were added. Also check out Itsy Bitsy...

July 02, 2002 @ 11:35am PST - Fixed some of the photo links on the About the Webmistress page. Now you can see what my stuffed-animals look like! ^_^;; Sorry about that!

June 30, 2002 @ 10:37am PST - Spoot Central has been added to the Poochie's Pad. No more sites will be added for the time being. Well... actually there will be a character info site for the Phaedrans, but that won't be coming anytime soon. There may be a softball site in works for my sis, but that's also not likely to be part of Poochie's Pad, either.

June 26, 2002 @ 09:10pm PST - GoPA has been turned into Poochie's Pad, everything's up! There are still more sub-sites on the way... Two have been added, SunShine and Rahna Forest!

Poochie asks What do you want?
brain food
eye candy

Poochie's Pad and all sub-sites within it are Mary Anne M. 2001-2002