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Poochie's Pad + Junkfood =

All that I have for the rest of the site, the "leftovers" of the site, is linking to this site. You can link to me with a plain old text link if you want, or you can use one of the images I've provided. Here are the linking pics. Please, don't direct-link these. You can't do that anyway because Tripod doesn't let you. =D One cool thing about it. Um... you HAVE to save them to your servers and THEN upload them to your site or directory, whatever. Link the quilt piece back to . Thanks for linking! Don't forget, more banners/buttons are on the way!

stamp01.gif stamp02.gif stamp03.gif

Oh, and if you thought the cliques and webrings would be here, sorry they're not. They're on the index page. ^_^;; Sorry!

Poochie asks What do you want?
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