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Poochie's Pad + Brainfood + The History of Poochie's Pad =

Poochie's Pad began as an "ancient monster" site, as my sisters would've called it. In fact, Poochie's Pad wasn't even Poochie's Pad when it first began! It wasn't as small as it is now when it came into the world! This is how Poochie's Pad came to be.

Poochie's Pad is the newly improved version of the Gallery of Phaedran Arts. The Gallery of Phaedran Arts was its name when it was first born on April 20, 2001 on Tripod servers (and still on Tripod servers). It served more like a personal page to hold scanned drawings and the chapters of the story, Phaedra's Spirits. Overtime, though, the content on that single page grew large as it was fed time and dedication.

I don't know what came over me (I think it was either jealousy or competition), but I joined top-sites lists and got a counter to track how many people hit my site's main page. My site had a mess of buttons on it and it began to cause problems on my site when the buttons were broken and JavaScript errors occured. I couldn't log into my accounts on any of the top-sites at all, and so I quit and left all the topsites dry, removing all the buttons, broken or not. I stuck w/ the cliques and web-rings though. Because I got rid of the buttons, I was also able to constantly change layouts without worrying about where to put the buttons to count hits.

So I focused more on the content than the counter's numbers, which by April had gone over 3000 hits. Between two of my layouts, I began PikaSchool, my very first sub-site. This site was made mainly because I couldn't find a single site that would help out with Hey You, Pikachu! for N64, so I started one myself.

Then the rest of the sub-sites, as well as computer art, chapters of my story, and other things came on to the scene and practically flooded my site. Oo;;; Some of my visitors, mostly my friends, said that they got lost or buried among the content. That's when I started deleted and reorganizing my files, but with the amount of files (over 1000) I almost felt like giving up all my sites.

Beginning in mid-June, I decided to stick all my sprites in their own site, and my journal into its own site to help lessen the stress I was under. ><;; It helped and I have decided to put all my other things into their own sites as well. Eventually, what was a section of the Gallery of Phaedran Arts would become its own site, and each sub-site created under would become part of Poochie's Pad, and Poochie's Pad would eventually turn into a collective.

Poochie asks What do you want?
brain food
eye candy

Poochie's Pad and all sub-sites within it are Mary Anne M. 2001-2002