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Poochie's Pad + Brainfood + Need Help? =

If you're a first timer here, it's kinda a good idea you visited this page. Um... let the page speak for itself? Questions are in bold, answers are normal. If you're looking for answers to questions that are not related to the content of this site, try the FAQ page. If the answer's not there either, you can eMail me.

Get rid of the *bleep*ing pop-up banners!
lol I can't, those are Tripod's. I have no control over that for sure. What you can do though, is minimize one or two of the windows and don't bug them, and then browse the site and they won't bother you. The only reason they keep popping up is because you're closing them. =)

What happened to GoPA and all the stuff on it?!
Gallery of Phaedran Arts was renamed to Poochie's Pad. ^_^ Issa cuter name anyway. And all the stuff's seperated into their own sites, turning this main site into a collective! ^_^ So... there really isn't much to do here. All the main attractions are located under "Eye Candy". It'll make looking for stuff a lot easier.

Your JavaScript is broken.
Wow, I thought only my computer had that problem. My site doesn't use JavaScript at all. Those are again, Tripod's ads' crap. T_T The pop-ups are a result of JavaScript and if that happens it's Tripod's fault. Just minimize one or two banners and you won't see the JavaScript errors for the while.

Broken image!
God dammit, I hate when those little X's replace the actual images. >=( Almost none of the images on my site are broken, it's probably the browser being bitchy. >=P Just right click on the image and click "Show Picture". If it remains an X please eMail me so I can fix it.

I found a typo.
Not like I make a fuss about spelling. >=P That's the reason why I dropped out of the spelling bee so soon. Um... I appreciate the fact that your pointing out my spelling errors, at least I know someone's reading my typing. <=)

Poochie asks What do you want?
brain food
eye candy

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