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Character Profiles


Name: Kiniriya
Name Pronunciation: kih-nee-ree-ah
Nickname: Kiniri
Species: Ya Owl
Physical Appearance: Has mostly pink feathers and magenta bangs and part of the tail. She wears a huge red bow on her head. She has lime-green eyes and a short, yellow beak. Her clawless talons are orange and she has three tails; one main tail being pink while the other two are flat, white vines. The tips of the tails look like fashioned ribbons.
Year Created: 2001
Age (in stories): 10
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Rahna Forest
Alliance: Good
Home: Aisha
Marital Status: Single
Relatives: Cuhootya, Kuckooya, Booya, Wisooya, Kooya
Friends: everyone in Rahna Forest and Lurai Valley
Enemies: Byalpania, Bakeezar
Character Info: Kiniriya is the younger sibling of the Ya Owlets in Rahna. She is the only female Ya Owlet of the four. Despite her princess-like appearance, she has great strength and a fierce sense of righteousness for one so small. She is often seen flying above flower fields worldwide, usually traveling on clouds or with DooDoo.
Special Abilities:
Botanical Garden ~ Kiniriya can shower enchanted seeds above fertile lands and those seeds can sprout into flowers and trees in a matter of seconds. This can also trigger the collecting of pollen from swarms of bees and a lot of stinging. ><