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Making Pikachu a jolly little fellow is really easy. How can you tell if it's happy? In the lower left corner of the screen you should see a boxed heart that's swaying back and forth or jumping. If the heart is jumping, Pikachu's really happy. Pikachu can be really mad if you're not nice to it. Here are some ways to make your little yellow mouse happy.

Feed Pikachu! Pikachu's a living thing. It needs to eat food. It's best to give it treats like bananas, cupcakes, strawberries, raspberries, sunflowers, and popcorn. Feeding Pikachu tasty treats will make it happier.

Go fishing with Pikachu. Reel in big Pokemon and Pikachu will be proud of itself. It's good to have pride in yourself for doing something right.

Play tag with Pikachu! Sometimes in Springleaf Pikachu will want to play tag. When it does, play with it. Let it win sometimes and it'll feel as if it's faster than you.

Go shopping together. Abra's shop isn't hard to get to in Springleaf of the Play Days level. You can buy several souvenirs there from balloons to toys. It's not bad to spend a few PikaPoints.

There are more ways to make Pikachu happy, but I'm pretty sure you can easily figure them out.