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Hey You, Pikachu! is a game in which you must develop a strong friendship bond between you and Pikachu by doing things together. The game is very special in a way because you must talk to Pikachu to strengthen your friendship by using the little microphone and equipment the game comes with.

To strengthen your friendship bond with Pikachu you are to take it out on trips to several places and complete tasks with Pikachu. The difficultly depends on how many Voice Points you have. You can collect ingredients for a meal, help evolve flower Pokemon, find lost Pokemon, go fishing, baby-sitting, partying with pinatas, plus many more activities that you'll enjoy doing with your lovable yellow mouse. You'll also meet several Pokemon including the elusive Johto Pokemon, Togepi, and even interact with them! The game itself may look very "kiddish" but wait until you play it to pass judgement. I judged it that way once but when I played it I found it highly addicting.

The graphics are very appealing and the music (especially the Ochre music) is pleasant to listen to. The sounds are really nice and clear, really cute. The adventures are challenging but are possible to pass if you're patient. There are worthwhile rewards awaiting you. =)

The game is rated E for everyone. It's rated by the ESRB. =) It's not an eC game, it's rated E. ^.^ Hey, I'm 13 and I love the game just as much as Pokemon Snap.