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+ Personal >> Mini Me & Homie Sprites

Now you get to know how my friends and I look like. ^_^ This isn't exactly how we look, but it's like, how are hair looks, how we dress, etc. Anyway, if you're going to place these on your site, please link it directly back to Thank you!

Mini Me

My Homies - Hover your mouse over each person for their names.

Adriana P. Alex P. Alison M. Ashley D. Ashley L. Ashley M. Bianca C. Christine A. Crystal R. Elaine L. Isabelle "Izzy" A. Jerell R. Jessica S. Jonathon S. Krissa A. Kristine S. Sarah Mae M. Robert W. Ryan R. Stephanie R.

My Nicknames - Hover your mouse over them to see who calls me those names.

.:: p i n k   g i r l ::. (my little sister, Sarah Mae) QUEEN OF TACKY (my sister, Alison) lil' sm@rt @$$ (most of my friends) ARTiST GiRL PERSON (everyone that knows me) miss perfect (my best friends Krissa and Christine, their neighbor, Eric T.) DEAD HEAD (my sister, Alison) meh-meh! (my little cousin, RJ, and then all my friends/classmates)