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How to Play... Phaedran Checkers

1. You are the MoonSpirit. Your pieces look like this:

2. When you are queened/kinged, your pieces will look like this:

3. To move your pieces, click on one and click where you want to move that piece. Don't move too fast, k?

4. Be careful where you move your pieces; Neony just might be clever! Watch out for Neony's queened/kinged ones, they look shinier than the others.

5. Pay attention to the little box below the checkers board. It will help aid what you must do.

It's possible to defeat Neony, in fact, Mettala should be able to do that easily!
Mettala: You'd better not fail me, or I'll have your head for!!

To return to your game, click on the X in the upper right-hand corner.