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Character Profiles


Name: Rahna
Name Pronunciation: Rah-nah
Nickname: (none)
Species: deer
Physical Appearance: a normal deer with odd-shaped antlers, green eyes, emerald hooves, and thin, flat, green vines protruding from behind all four legs.
Year Created: 2002
Age (in stories): (unknown)
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Rahna Forest
Alliance: Good
Home: Aisha
Marital Status: Single
Relatives: Fyr, Aru Leo, DooDoo
Friends: Squeaker and all forest creatures
Enemies: Byalpania
Character Info: Rahna is the decendant of the ancient Guardians of Earth. Aside from being a guardian and having the ability to create mountains and plant life in seconds, Rahna also participates in the annual Aishan race and until Pastel is invited did he always cross the finish lines first. In Phaedra's Spirits, the annual race takes place along the shores of a beach.
Special Abilities:
Seed Spill ~ As Rahna dashes, the vines on his legs will drop pollen or seeds and the result are flowers and other plants in seconds.
Emerald Earthquake ~ With his hooves made of polished emerald, Rahna can leap and fall fast on his feet to create a fault that can break the lands in two. Anything that is caught in the fault falls into it. If he does this while on a mountain and breaks a certain mountain, it is said that emerald gems may be revealed within it.
Tsunami ~ With DooDoo's help, Rahna can cause an underwater earthquake while he's using Emerald Earthquake on shore and rock the waves above to create a massive tsunami to crash onto the shores opposite of where Rahna stands.
Lava Rock Cannon ~ When Rahna tag-teams with Fyr, he can launch a boulder into Fyr's way and Fyr could use hot lava to blast the now-fiery boulder in one or more directions.