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Character Profiles

Pastel Pastel

Name: Pastel
Name Pronunciation: pas-tehl
Nickname: StarSpirit
Species: (unknown)
Physical Appearance: Baby blue fur, white underbelly and white-tipped paws. Lavender tail has three fins; two point to the side, the third upward. Blue wings with white feathers and lavender leather within it. Eye pupil is lavender and ears are tipped lavender. On her left shoulder there is a jewel embedded. Three lavender up-side-down triangle markings are located below the left eye. The snout is white and the nose is lavender. A narrow, white pyramid-shaped horn pokes above the eyes on the forehead.
Year Created: 1999
Age (in stories): 15
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Lurai Valley
Alliance: Good
Home: Tirion
Marital Status: Single
Relatives: Mettala, Neony, Phaedra
Friends: Kiniriya, Rahna, Klondi, Squeaker
Enemies: Byalpania
Character Info: Pastel generally represents speed and sorrow. She has a loving personality but worries a little too much. She's very caring and considerate of others. She frets whenever she hurts an ally. Unlike Mettala and Neony, she's not very social and is always alone and silent.
Special Abilities:
Revival ~ Using the power of life, Pastel can fully restore energy and, if necessary, bring the dead back to life.
Transparency ~ Pastel's ghostly eyes can cause her to turn invisible for unlimited time which allows her to strike the opponent off guard. In other cases, she can also see through walls, rocks, enemies, etc.
Speed Cut ~ The cause is a massive cut made whenever Pastel bolts with incredible speed that she can only be seen as a lightning-fast blue slit.
Soft-Heart ~ With the power of love, Pastel, can make her opponent grow weak, giving her an advantage against them.
Clouds of Sorrow ~ When Pastel is really upset, she can call upon the storm clouds to do the dirty work for her. This is her ultimate attack; there's storm clouds, lightning, heavy rain, and wind. By the way, the lightning unusually flashes in great numbers at a time, both blinding and fatal.