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Character Profiles

Mettala Mettala

Name: Mettala
Name Pronunciation: meh-ta-luh
Nickname: MoonSpirit
Species: (unknown)
Physical Appearance: Mostly black/silver. Her body is black with a silver underbelly and her chin in silver as well. The leather-like part of her wings are also silver. Her claws and the fins at the end of her tail are silver. She has a jagged, silver thunder-shaped horn on her head. Her eyes are yellow with narrow green pupils. On her left eye is a single scar. Her tail is of a shark and she has dragon wings.
Year Created: 1997
Age (in stories): 15 yrs. old
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Lurai Valley
Alliance: Good
Home: Kali
Marital Status: Single
Relatives: Neony, Pastel, Phaedra
Friends: (none)
Enemies: Byalpania
Character Info: Mettala is a mean-spirited animal, the oldest of the three spirits, and is the strongest. Because of her unfriendly nature, no one has ever dared to get anywhere close to her, internally or externally. Mettala's only thoughts are death, revenge, anger, attack, war, battle, etc. She is not considerate; she is a murderous outcast.
Special Abilities:
Rising Crystals ~ Mettala brings up disaster starting with this sudden movement. Giant quartz crystals break through the surface of the planet, rising high up into the skies. Some crystals make it over the clouds. Mettala also has the ability to control how high the crystal should rise.
Frustrated Thrash ~ Mettala isn't smooth at all. She isn't frustrated easily but when she is it's out of her way and hide. She attacks anything in her site; lives, trees, rocks, shelters, etc. Something to use on her that will make her chill out is water (and lots of it). Cold water would do, but she can break ice.
Mettalic Powder ~ She blasts shiny particles at the foe's eyes. It's most effective in bright sunlight when the shine of the particles prove harmful.