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Character Profiles


Name: Fyr
Name Pronunciation: fI-er
Nickname: (none)
Species: red saber-toothed tiger
Physical Appearance: Has red fur and a tanish underbelly. Has long saber-teeth and eye colors that vary with temperature (volcano-hot: yellow, desert: orange, warm/tropical: red, ice/mountains: brown). His black stripes take on a fire-like pattern.
Year Created: 2002
Age (in stories): (unknown)
Gender: Male
Birthplace: unknown volcano
Alliance: Good
Home: Aisha
Marital Status: Single
Relatives: Rahna, Aru Leo, DooDoo
Friends: (none so far...)
Enemies: Byalpania
Character Info: Like Aru Leo, Fyr is almost never seen by anyone but the fiery inhabitants in his territory. He is usually hidden in pools of lava or in the mouths of active volcanoes. He is, however, very aggressive and will fight off any outsiders.
Special Abilities:
Lava Lugi ~ Although the attack's name seems unusual, when struck by the spit, it can cause burns and sometimes even burn away part of what it strikes. The lava from Fyr's mouth is also sticky and hard to shake off, even to a watery or rocky opponent.
Volcanic Puncture ~ Fyr can command magma to burst through the crust and to the surface like mini-volcanoes. Usually , more than 3 mini-volcanoes errupt at the same time, and then more errupt.
Fyr's Cubs ~ Fyr's most well-known attack. When Fyr is blazing with lava and fire, he can shake them off little by little to create powerful cubs that resemble him to attack his opponent like an army. Most of his "armies" consist of at least 100 cubs.
Lava Rock Cannon ~ When Fyr and Rahna are attacking together, Rahna can launch a boulder and Fyr can blast lava lugi onto the boulder to shoot it.