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Character Profiles


Name: Dorani
Name Pronunciation: dor-uh-nee
Nickname: DooDoo
Species: blue-striped dolphin
Physical Appearance: Dorani, or DooDoo, is a normal dolphin with blue markings on her dorsal fins, and tail. The rest of her body is gray and her eyes are sapphire blue. On her head is a golden piece of armor used to attack opponents.
Year Created: 2001
Age (in stories): 17
Gender: Female
Birthplace: (unknown)
Alliance: Good
Home: Aisha
Marital Status: Single
Relatives: (none)
Friends: all born in water
Enemies: Byalpania
Character Info: Dorani is the lovable and playful guardian of water. She roams all over the oceans goofing off as she goes. She creats hundreds of water spouts that shoot thousands of feet high into the air. In her younger years, she helped Squeaker gather elusive pineapples on an island within the Aishan Bay because of the fact that the bay was infested by groups of sharks. Her reward was the golden armor on her head, which she uses to attack.
Special Abilities:
Horn Stab ~ Dorani can ram into her opponents using the sharp horn on her armor.
Whirlpool ~ Dorani can spin up a destructive or harmless whirlpool that moves at high speeds.
Water Spout ~ One of her favorites, Dorani can create water spouts hundreds of feet tall to attack opponents in air.
Tidal Wave ~ Dorani can force giant waves of water toward land lubbers and "net" them into the water. With Aru Leo's strong winds, the damage could be worse.
Rain Storm ~ With Aru Leo's clouds, Dorani can cause heavy rain to pour.
Evaporate ~ When Dorani uses this, she can lift herself out of water and into the air to get onto land or even fly.
Tsunami ~ With Rahna's earthquakes, Dorani can shake the shores by controlling waves of water taller than her tidal waves and toss the waves onto the land to break and destroy anything it hits, and then drag the debree into the water.