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Character Profiles


Name: Cuhootya
Name Pronunciation: cuh-hoot-yah
Nickname: Cuhoot
Species: Ya Owl
Physical Appearance: Most of his feathers are green. He has a very long, wavy tail and his talons are stubby and claw-less. They are orange and the tuft of feathers on his chest are white. He has shining blue eyes and the insides of his ears are white and his beak is small and yellow.
Year Created: 2001
Age (in stories): 10
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Rahna Forest
Alliance: Good
Home: Aisha
Marital Status: Single
Relatives: Kiniriya, Kuckooya, Booya, Wisooya, Kooya
Friends: everyone in Rahna Forest
Enemies: Byalpania, Bakeezar
Character Info: Wisooya left his position to Cuhootya, but Cuhootya never knew the ways of his father, having hatched after they vanished. Cuhootya and his siblings started off with the teachings of Squeaker and the Rahna Forest residents, but everything else he'll have to learn on his own by traveling with guardians and area protectors. Cuhootya should be the smartest of his siblings.
Special Abilities:
Psychic Blast ~ Using the power of his mind to confuse and cause headaches towards opponents. The more intelligent Cuhootya is, the more effective the blast will be.