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Character Profiles


Name: Byalpania
Name Pronunciation: bee-yall-pah-nee-uh
Nickname: (unknown)
Species: dragon/panther
Physical Appearance: black fur and all leathery parts of her body are navy. She has dark blue eyes and her ears are like miniature wings. She has dragon feet, not paws, and each forefoot has four claws, while the backfeet have only three. There is a single fin on her tail.
Year Created: 2001
Age (in stories): (unknown)
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Aisha
Alliance: Evil
Home: Phaedra System
Marital Status: Single
Relatives: (none)
Friends: (none)
Enemies: Phaedra and all on her side
Character Info: Byalpania was originally the only human that existed on Aisha. She offered to Phaedra her soul in order to make her an elemental guardian but she took advantage of its power and wreaked havoc. Phaedra stopped her in her tracks and sealed her in a nearby black hole. Feeding off the black hole's energy, Byalpania became a goddess herself, and now had the ability to control blackholes, planning to use them to destroy Phaedra's reincarnations.
Special Abilities:
She can do almost anything evil.
Black Hole ~ She'll whip up a black hole and shove it near something and suck it up.