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Welcome to Strawberry Seeds

Welcome to Strawberry Seeds, a site where all the seeds (characters) are part of a strawberry (site). Did you guess what this site was for? XP Yeah, this us my personal character shrine where you can get info on them. The menu is located at the top of this page. Click the title to refresh the entire site. Click on Doll Characters to look through the descriptions of my stuffed animal characters, and click on Phaedran Chars. to look at profiles of my imaginary mythological characters. Some pages have pictures of my characters, too.

This site is part of Poochie's Pad, and is a character reference page for the Poochie's Pad sub-sites, Itsy Bitsy, Spoot Central, Rahna Forest, and Meh*Meh's Journal.

July 01, 2002 - The Doll Character Profiles are up.