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~ Toaster Mulennia
Pronunciation- toh-ster myoo-leh-nee-uh

Toaster is much like a commander or general. He is the "vice-president" of the Mini-Plushies gang (that's the only plush group with a vice-leader/president). Poochie also rides Toaster when Poochie needs speed, because Toaster is also very fast, and very strong. Toaster's mind is very decisive, like Chickie's, and when there's a plan needed, he usually comes up with the best one. Toaster gets his name from his dark tan. Rumor has it that Toaster was a plushie given to them from the sun.

Oh dear, he's so tanned you can't really see him... but he's between
Dino and Chickie, above Jigglypuff.