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~ Poochie Howly
Pronunciation- poo-chee how-lee

Poochie is the dog-bear hybrid leader of the Mini-Plushies gang. He has many interests and talents, from skateboarding and rapping, to creating being cute. Poochie knows a lot for his age and often manages to outsmart his older brothers EV and Dodger. Poochie is one of the greatest plushies in Plushie Paradise and probably the second greatest leader of the Plushie gangs. Poochie's closest friends are the ones he can ride, like Toaster, Dino, and Spoot. The only plushies Poochie hates are his older brothers and Chickie. He is often mischievious and knows how to get things without causing trouble or getting caught. Poochie is also a party-loving plushie, and often DJs music, dances to hip-hop, raps, skateboards, etc. Sometimes Poochie just doesn't seem like he has self-control, but it's good to be wild, isn't it?

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