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Doll Characters ~ Eloquent Vanity "EV" Howly
Pronunciation- el-uh-kwent va-nih-tee how-lee

EV, which stands for "Eloquent Vanity", is a name that best describes him. Being leader, he loves to express his self-confidence and his pride. However, sometimes his bragging can get out of hand and make his brothers Dodger and Poochie jealous. Nowadays EV ends up having to lie low especially because of Poochie's growing punkish attitude. Despite EV's orderly intelligence, smart-alac Poochie always gets the best of him. Afterall, Poochie IS also the leader of the Mini-Plushies gang. EV is still his cute innocent self, though, and if controlling Poochie is impossible, or controlling anything else, EV calls for his brother's help, or even more effective (yet rare), the help of Dynamic, former leader of the Plushies gang.

EV is the dog to the farthest left.