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Doll Characters ~ Dynamic "Dyno" Aero
Pronunciation- dy-na-mik air-oh

Dynamic, or Dyno, is the loyal, legendary fire-breathing plushie is Plushie Paradise. He was the founder of the Plushies gang and led it for a long while, but he felt it was pointless for him to be a leader if many screamed and ran and some quivered with fear. He knew that leaders were those who were greatly respected, and when Dodger Howly entered the paradise, he and his brothers were celebrities. And so, Dyno passed his leadership to Dodger, who passed it down to EV and Poochie. Throughout his life Dyno was treated like a king and god, only so he would be pleased, but with actions such as that, he didn't see friends or admirers, but only those who didn't want to be scorched. Now, Dyno lives in a cave on the side of a volcano that no plushie dared to set foot on, where he stayed and watched over Plushie Paradise with his lonely yellow eyes. His only friend, Amethyst, was the only one with the courage enough to climb the volcano into the fiery cavern just to visit and talk with him. It seemed that the only time he would leave the cavern is if his friends or all of Plushie Paradise was under attack.

Dyno is the dragon to the right.