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~ Chomp Ceno
Pronunciation- chomp see-noh

Physical appearance
orange t-rex with a fork tongue, light-orange toe claws, and 6 yoshi-like spikes that line up on his spine, and from the head the color goes down the rainbow layers starting with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

Chomp is one of the original dolls of the Plushie Gang. His t-rex appearance gives a hint that he has a monstrous appetite and can't help but drool over food advertisements. He is very strong and usually ignores everything but food. He will run over other plushies and even trees to get hold of his favorite food, chicken and beef. That's the reason why Chickie and Pluckie run whenever they see him. Chomp always gets into arguments and sometimes fights with his cousin Dynamic, and no matter how hard he tries to win, he seems to always be beaten.