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Doll Characters ~ Chickie Beaky
Pronunciation- chi-kee bee-kee

Chickie's a brash, yellow chick who wants everything to go her way. She has an attitude that know one wants to mess with, and she's no where close to being one of the normal lovable chicks. Chickie's attitude reflected the way she was taken care of by her drunk uncle, Pengy. She ran away from her uncle to avoid his treatment and now lives with Poochie, Dino, and the rest of the mini-plushies gang. However, she takes her anger out on her friends, which caused them to dislike her and practically ignore her. But when there is urgent decision-making to be made, she is usually the first to speak up.

Chickie is the pale yellow thing next to
Jigglypuff, Toaster, and Monkeyboy.