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Doll Characters ~ Amethyst "Amy" Rabbit
Pronunciation- a-meh-thist ay-mee ra-bit

Physical Appearance
white bunny that wears a fancy lavender gown and beads, roses, or flowers on her left ear (your right), purple eyes

Amy is the most beautiful rabbit of her family. Her father, Jack Rabbit, often called her Princess, and later a few of her friends from the Plushie gang also called her Princess Amethyst, much to EV's and Chickie's disgust. Though Amy was given the title, Princess, she claimed that she never was a true princess and that she would rather remain just a normal member of the Plushie gang and the Rabbit family. Amy's beauty and kindness got her many admirers, from Dino to Spotty. Her closest friend is Dynamic, and some plushies spread rumors that the two were going out.